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  1. Mark Robertson

    12 best goalkeepers in Scotland right now

    Ha ha you just did fraz, it wasn't an insult, it was a light hearted comment on how I felt you were coming across. I don't think you, or anyone else at RP, are secret huns. And to respond to your last comment, I don't think any of the Rangers forwards are better than what we have up front at the moment. Stats are strange things and don't reflect the whole picture, as per my previous point about some teams setting up their systems to defend against The Rangers rather than taking the game to them. Most teams, us included, that have attacked them this season have either beaten them or drawn with them
  2. Mark Robertson

    12 best goalkeepers in Scotland right now

    Honestly??? You think several of their players are better than ours? Name names from them and us. Our last game against them looked like our players were tired or switched off as the end of season was looming and we allowed them too much space as we dropped deeper, even then it took a lucky goal to finally beat us. You are starting to sound like a hun without the bus fare
  3. Mark Robertson

    12 best goalkeepers in Scotland right now

    See my previous answer
  4. Mark Robertson

    12 best goalkeepers in Scotland right now

    ha ha no my judgment, based on 50 plus years of experience of Rangers and THE (new) RANGERS is sound. Do you think any one of their players are better than what we have at the moment?
  5. Mark Robertson

    Pre Season plans ?

    My pre-season plans include finishing this case of Super Bock on my Portuguese balcony before curing my hangover with a days surfing the green waves
  6. Mark Robertson

    Eintracht Frankfurt

    They'll never take the Killie, that would be a fantastic game if the club could arrange it
  7. Mark Robertson

    Hearts Away

    ha ha, it gets worse. I've got the day off work tomorrow
  8. Mark Robertson


    I agree, I was taught a how to perform a wee back-handed flick to the baws on the blind side of the ref. Always worked a treat when defending set pieces
  9. Mark Robertson

    Hearts Away

    I finished at 12, started the beers already
  10. Mark Robertson

    European Football next season?

    I miss the European tours, can't wait till they start again. Holding back on my holidays just in case
  11. Mark Robertson

    Is the most entertaining football produced in 20 years

    The level of entertainment being served up is the best I remember in 45 years of going to games... Comment qualified by a state of euphoria and possibly senility
  12. Mark Robertson


    The main reason we didn't take all three points today
  13. Mark Robertson

    Hibees fred

    20 shots, 8 on target, 16 corners, 58% possession according to the stats from the BBC. It felt a whole lot more than that. What a fecking team
  14. Mark Robertson

    Killie 2 Hibs 2 24/02/18

    Still no all of the above option

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