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  1. Really it does, either needs to be dry or a very high temp
  2. He had as set out like a mid table Italian team, without the budget. I prefer watching a team thats hard to break down, thereby not losing more games than won, than watching an 'exciting' team who lose more than they win. If the board had backed AA we'd have easily made top 6, it was down to him that we were in a position until yesterday to still be able to make the top half. Not his fault some players decided to down tools and undermine him because they weren't good enough to adjust to a decent system. And yes I was one calling for his head after Connors Quay, in hindsight I was totally wrong as was BBs decision to take the players side and sack him
  3. Its becoming more apparent that AA was never the problem
  4. Youre a better man than me then, I'd have battered him over the head with that bargepole
  5. Huns results recently have shown it wasn't that great a result. Always good to beat them though
  6. Cheap option. The board are doing the same as they did with AA, no funding for half decent players. Sacking a manager 6 months in without backing him was a terrible decision. Sacking this one would be the correct decision
  7. The way things are looking, he'd probably give the job to Broadfoot
  8. Late goal again and we had Del Fabro on the bench. Times up AD, hope Bowie doesn't think he's done a good job
  9. extra man for last 10, we need this win
  10. Aye same thought for me, really needed us to win and hibs to lose to have a chance. 6 points too much to claw back and hibs have the slightly better goal difference. The draw at Livvy is better for getting top6 but bad if we are bottom 6
  11. After asking the question mid week agin Aberdeen, after checking (unless Ive missed something)we haven't won a game when Broadfoot has started since he came back. All the wins seem to have had Del Fabro starting. Why not start him today? If fit enough for the bench, hes fit to start. Dropping Niko after having possibly his best game in ages midweek seems harsh and dropping Kiltie seems mental. Let's hope AD proves me wrong
  12. Noticed you didn't answer the question. You're a wee bit of an angry poster
  13. Have we won a game when Broadfoots started since he re-signed? Cant be arsed checking
  14. AAs record when sacked P-22 W-8 D-6 L-8 36.36 win percentage against 30.77 for AD Just saying
  15. Surely appeals valid as Clancys identity has been mistaken for a ref?

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