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  1. Good to see the positivity is in full flow.
  2. It's not very "Kilmarnock" that strip. But, it's not necessarily all that ugly either.
  3. Might be amusing in a morbid curiosity sense. For about five minutes until it stopped being funny.
  4. McLusky


    He doesn't subsidise the club in any way, in actual fact the club subsidises him and his family; we pay him a large salary, we are his law firm's biggest client, he now owns half our hotel and he is free to use good old fashioned nepotism to put family members into important jobs.
  5. I'm going to start drinking in roughly an hour. Hoping that helps quell the butterflies currently churning in my stomach.
  6. ^^ fancies the wee wifie from the club shop but doesn't have the nerve to ask her out.
  7. Was the same for me. Eventually phoned a family member to go round and stand in the queue for me. Wait was about 45 minutes to an hour but tickets sorted.
  8. Good interview. Hope he sticks around (in the top flight).
  9. Train. A nervy 1-0 game I suspect.
  10. Can't imagine two worse moderators. They're power hungry fiends.
  11. Relegation would be a nightmare financially for the club and could put us in an even more precarious position than we are already in re: continuing trading at a loss. On the playing front, it could also be bad for us. The Championship won't be a league we'd go into expecting to win it, or necessarily even be promoted from it via the playoffs. And a prolonged stay would be very damaging to the club's core support as people get fed up and find other places to be. Apathy sets in and crowds may never recover. There may be some initial buzz amongst supporters for the start of a new season in a lower division, but it almost certainly would not groundswell and would be the same core of folk who go anyway. Then once they see a few months of games and realise we aren't handing out spankings to the opposition every week the crowds would dwindle further from the those who had already been disillusioned by the relegation. Put simply, yes, relegation would really be that bad. Sadly though, it's out of our hands as supporters and all we can do is hope for the best for the rest of this season, see how things pan out and if we go down then we try and make the best of it.

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