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  1. Gerrard, Lennon, Robinson, Wright?
  2. This will come down to the negations. We could maybe increase the asking price if they are looking to pay in instalments - my sports law knowledge is non-existent! What I do know is that the buying team like to do it this way because the transfer is split over say four years rather than one hit thus looking better on the books. It will also depend on where the buying teams funds are - are the funds available now or are they locked up elsewhere i.e the Kieran Tierney transfer. Sort of like how banks operate with buying and selling debt.
  3. There is this assumption that should Taylor go that we will receive the fee in one lump sum. From my limited understanding of transfer fees and how they work, is that they are normally paid in instalments over the period of the players contract i.e, if the agreed fee is £2m and Talyor signs a 4 year deal its likely that we would get £0.5m per year. So let's not be too surprised if there isn't a large pot of funds made available.
  4. What has to be remembered is that Taylor has been fantastic for Killie and Killie has been great to him. So I hope if a deal is done that both Taylor and Killie get the deals each party deserves. Its extremely hard IMO to value a player, especially when we are talking about figures which aren’t normally associated with Killie players or many other players in the league. Obviously Killie have a lot in favour when negotiating: - Taylor has constantly been improving and will continue to do so as he gains experience. He’s consistent in terms of performance and attitude and also with his own development plus he never misses a game or appears fatigued/ injured - how well Taylor played and adapted to international level. In the Belgium game he look assured and comfortable stepping up - I actually thought he was the best Scottish player (best out of a bad bunch maybe!) Which IMO would reduce any doubt about him playing well in big games, in front of big crowds for Celtic. - Celtic have just sold the best left back they’ve had in years. They’ve tried to replace him and bought a dud - so they should know how difficult it could be to replace KT if they don’t sign GT now and miss an opportunity. With Taylor the would know that he wouldn’t have to adapt to the Scottish game. Also with his time in the Scotland team he probably knows a bunch of the team fairly well. - Celtic appear to be under pressure following the failings to sign Turnbull and previously letting McGinn go over relative peanuts. I would have thought they wouldn’t want to be embarrassed again. Plus Lennon will have some heat on him after the Euro defeat and signing Boli. Lennon could see that by signing Taylor could ease some pressure. - when Celtic were negotiating with Arsenal they played hardball with them not accepting until they got the offer that they wanted. I could be wrong but it’s probably a similar jump - Killie to Celtic vs Celtic to Arsenal. From a Killie point of view that’s all I want for us - let’s set our price with the above points in mind and stay strong. I agree that Celtic have been good to us in the past with a couple of loans but equally we have been good to them. This shouldn’t be a factor of any negotiations as I fear we wouldn’t truly benefit. No loan deals just hard cash please. Once we get the cash it then becomes a great problem to have (we can then tell the board how to spend it - no doubt the next 10page thread) as long as previous financial lessons are learned. YTTK.
  5. I liked McLaren and thought he was great for us, the couple of seasons we had him, but for some reason I just remember him getting abuse - maybe that was more the opposition as he was an easy target. Also, if the thread was titled “The Drugs Abuse XI” he’d definitely be first name on the team sheet!
  6. This is also the problem with potential new signings that it may take them a month or two to adapt to AA’s coaching methods. My worry is that for all this “who are we going to sign?” talk we have actually signed 5 players which is a lot in one transfer window. I know that 2 are previous loanees returning but I always feel it’s dangerous to make wholesale changes and introduce too many players in one window. I’m guessing we just need to make sure that we strike the balance and any future recruitment is right on the money. I’m also not saying that we don’t need to strengthen our attacking/creativity options before anyone slated me for that.
  7. I agree not a priority but if we aren’t going to score many goals then let’s make sure we don’t concede any. AA to bring in 3 more centre hawfs before deadline day. #rocksolid
  8. Interesting. I’ve never been that impressed by him when I’ve seen him but I’m not doubting there is a good player there. You would assume if he can get back to his Dundee form he’d slot in beside SF and be an upgrade on Broadfoot.
  9. My Pick: Stevie Murray, Conor Sammon Andy McLaren, David Bagan, Jose Quitongo, Dylan Kerr, Vareille
  10. Fancy us to nick it late on. It won’t be pretty but I think on Saturday the result matters more. The back 5 to put a good solid no-nonsense performance in with Larry MOTM! 1-0 Killie.
  11. Does anybody know how much the new pitch cost? I know that the pitch has been a challenge in attracting players but has the pitch also brought financial implications which may have been overlooked and now affecting this transfer budget?
  12. When Icardi finishes top Goalscorer you’ll be eating your words!
  13. Tell him to concentrate on staying in the 2nd tier of Scottish football

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