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  1. ScottM

    Glasgow 5's

    Could be tempted out of retirement to rip the pish out of you lot again.
  2. ScottM

    Do they don’t they

    You can take a good f*ck to yourself.
  3. ScottM

    Next Manager Thread

    Scott McClymont giving his old STV colleagues a nod in the right direction? Might be interesting to see how the bookies' odds look later.
  4. ScottM

    Gordon Greer

    Totally agree with this. Whilst taking into consideration it was against a part time side, I was impressed with the hour Burke played. Always looking for the ball, made time and space for himself and guided others (Thomas in particular) through the game. Very similar way to Eremenko and even Allan Johnston used to do. If he can stay injury and illness free then I think he'll make a massive contribution.
  5. ScottM

    More right backs

    Scott Burns tweeted saying Davies and Waddington set to have their loan spells cut short.
  6. ScottM

    New signing??

    LC eyeing up a move for Ricky Foster according to Scott Burns.
  7. ScottM

    Gordon Parks touches a nerve

    This annoyed me a wee bit. As already pointed out, no connection with Rangers' 8 signings and their abandonment to the Scottish game. Although I was slightly surprised that Mark O'Hara was deemed surplus to requirements, I don't think that after the last two seasons of pretty abject performances anyone could be too critical of Lee Clark for being absolutely ruthless in his rehaul of the squad. In a perfect world we would have a side full of our own youth products (a team of Garry Hay's!) but sadly, most of the players that had come through in recent years (Kenny's Goslings I'm thinking of, in particular) haven't kicked on enough. Suspect that that's down to a lack of development from our previous two managers but I'd be guessing in all honesty. By all means, if press releases are being sent out without being proofread then aye, that's embarrassing. But I feel it's a wee bit sh*te to criticise a manager who has reassembled a squad that was in dire need of major surgery.
  8. ScottM

    Kilmarnock Transfer 2016

    Deals agreed for five new players, if the BBC are correct. http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/36471945
  9. ScottM

    Next captain

    If he signs, Addison.
  10. ScottM

    Next Season

    Slater's tweeted - he's off too.
  11. Pretty sure they reaccommodated a section of their season ticket holders for our game there at New Year 2011 when we took a superb support there.
  12. ScottM

    Introduce Yourself...

    Hello, Formerly killiemanjaro on the old forum, more of a lurker in recent seasons. Hopefully more engagement from here on in.

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