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  1. Yep. Armstrong merits a place in the first team, for me.
  2. Looking at this, it’s mad how our team has changed since that collection of chancers last season. I really like this squad TW has built.
  3. How about… Oli Shaw He’ll shag yer maw Then boot the baw Oli Shaw. (repeat)
  4. At the very least two. Cameron has had more than enough chances to impress.
  5. If Robinson is injured, we need two good strikers. Cameron is just not good enough I’m afraid.
  6. What kind of size of crowd is there?
  7. They were from Ghana. Steve Baidoo and Sammy Adjei. Great days 😂
  8. Matty Kennedy to St Mirren loan deal has fallen through 🧐
  9. I get what you’re saying, but I don’t think patience is a luxury we can afford. Imagine if, come May, we miss out on automatic promotion by 1 point and, looking back over the season, we’re able to identify two games towards the end of August where we dropped points due to not having a proven striker in the team? I honestly think the board need to push the boat out and get someone in before the Hamilton game.
  10. I don’t think we can afford to be picky. We’re desperate for a striker. I’d bite your mum’s hand off for Griffiths.
  11. At least one proven striker in, who’s ready to hit the ground running, before Hamilton please. That is the minimum requirement we should be looking at. If we need to push the boat out, get it pushed.