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  1. when will the new kit be available in the club shop
  2. the silence on new signings is deafening
  3. i only get a blank square
  4. where can you view the new strip
  5. im a pensioner and paid a pensioners price for my season ticket it was great value for money and had the season finished there be no question of a refund so it wouldnt have been missed i dont want a refund glad to do my wee bit to help
  6. i dont want a refund and i would renew my ticket now
  7. yes i checked junk mail nothing there also i phoned a friend he has had two emils the other offering shares i havent had that one either i would gladly put my hand in my pocket and buy some
  8. who do i contact then if emails have been sent out
  9. sorry i have not been sent an email i was asking if theres any news on when season tickets will be renewed
  10. when are S T holders getting access to killie tv
  11. has anyone heard when season tickets for next season will up for renewal
  12. i would gladly sign up but i dont have pay pal
  13. Aberdeen are a bunch of thugs how Ferguson should have been sent off after being booked he was warned twice they are a bunch of cloggers and i think referees are s**t scared of them
  14. Ross Stewart of Ross County was playingfor Arder Thistle inthe Ayrshire juniors fewyears ago

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