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  1. Lions13

    Killie players at the world cup

    Yes. He went to Sporting Gijon.
  2. Lions13

    George Maxwell

    I might be completely wrong, but was his middle name not Samuel. I know Ray Montgomerie's (Bert) first name is Samuel so I might be mixing myself up here.
  3. Lions13

    Paper Roses....

    I hate Hibs, but when it hits "While I'm worth..." that is goosebumps stuff.
  4. Lions13

    The "What Colour is Oxford Blue" Thread

    I always thought Oxford Blue was a dark blue.
  5. Lions13

    Thistle Away 7th April

    I like our little wars with Partick. They certainly have the "we're a city club" thing going on.
  6. Lions13

    Thistle Away 7th April

    Is at a complex if they are inferior?
  7. Lions13

    Mulumbu Skint

    Think this is most recent DR Congo, but might be wrong.
  8. Lions13

    Christophe Cocard

    What a great day that was. Played a gig at the Braehead Tavern that night and the place was jumping.
  9. Lions13

    Tickets for Tuesday

    Small pin badge just above the ticket.
  10. Lions13

    Tickets for Tuesday

    Is this enough?
  11. Lions13

    Tickets for Tuesday

    There was a queue in the shop at Rugby Park when I picked up my ticket at half 2, and there were still people coming in. People moaning about the size of the crowd might be a bit premature.
  12. Lions13

    Retro Phone Cases

    What he said!
  13. To summarise. Fans of a team that has just posted losses of over £6,000,000, point out smaller teams losses of £70,000. One fan suggests they burn their money, that they don't have. Others point out another person's religion, which is clearly the cause of their failure to buy a player...not their lack of money. Carlsberg don't do deluded... ...but if they did...
  14. Lions13

    is the "we are Killie" song unacceptable

    Remember monkey chants aimed at a Falkirk player (Cadete, I think) by some morons at Rugby Park.
  15. Lions13

    Monty is for Life (Not Just for Christmas)

    I just got my email bounced back as well. Can you set one aside for me?

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