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  1. Reasonable point, butSweden has twice the population of Scotland, and has had more than 3 times the amount of deaths.
  2. That brought back great memories. Might have to look out the DVD.
  3. Aye, but they've got Queen in the name, so he'll be happy.
  4. Was part of that deal that he wanted land for free to build houses? If I remember correctly the plans for the stadium and surrounding facilities looked fantastic.
  5. Okay, who had McLean at 10:37?
  6. I remember the old enclosure had a particular type of 'supporter'. On one occasion Ian Bryson was getting dog's abuse from a punter for the first 10 minutes, until I pointed out he wasn't playing. The response was "Doesn't matter, he's still p*sh". I always liked Brian. I seem to remember him being really quick, then again I would only have been around 10 at the time.
  7. I think Charlie is heading for Bolton.
  8. Actually, he was. He had a transfer window. I agree this is his first pre-season. I want Dyer to succeed. I hope he will succeed. His record to date does not bode well.
  9. I thought AD was made permanent manager to the end of last season after 3 or 4 games are caretaker. I might be wrong though.
  10. That's an easy one. No.
  11. Fair point. I just didn't understand his decision today to come across to get a ball that was clearly Broadfoot's. Struck me he felt he needed to cover for him just in case. Of course, it could just be a rush of blood to the head.
  12. Does Findlay perhaps feel less confident in his defensive partner? With DDF he may have felt he could fully trust him to do his job. Now he might feel that he has to do his job and cover for Broadfoot.
  13. I was in today. Only L and XL, and only 2 or 3. The away tops are expected in at the end of the month.