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  1. fraz65

    Mulumbu to Hibs?

    On the evidence of the Killie v Hibs matches from last season, McGinn is the better player. He had the advantage of having McGeoch alongside him but it's definitely a stretch to claim that Mulumbu is "much better than McGinn will ever be".
  2. fraz65

    Who would go top?

    I know it's only the group stages but this could be the best Betfred Cup ever.
  3. I can't see him being happy to be understudy to SOD. I would imagine he would be looking for first team football.
  4. fraz65

    What are you listening to?

    I saw Kendrick last night in Melbourne. I wasn't sure how well hip hop would work in an arena but it was an outstanding gig. I think he's playing Glasgow next month.
  5. fraz65

    st mirren home Bet Fred, Fred

    We have to qualify. I'm back from Australia for the next round and it's the only chance I have of a super Killie away day!
  6. fraz65

    st mirren home Bet Fred, Fred

    I'm surprised that someone with your football knowledge either doesn't understand what pre-season preparation involves or would rather we sacrificed being ready for the SPL over winning our league cup group.
  7. fraz65

    2018 World Cup

    Was Subasic carrying an injury? I thought he could have done better with the third and fourth French goals. The VAR decision was incredibly harsh. There's no way a decision like that would have gone in Croatia's favour.
  8. fraz65

    The OTT Reaction Fred

    We would still be in the cup if we finished second in the group though. We would just have a more difficult draw in the next round. I'm not sure what the season-long effects would be of giving the players only a few weeks of an end of season break, and having them return in mid June. Would it harm our Scottish Cup chances?
  9. fraz65

    Look guys be realistic with the season ahead

    You're right about the agent Scotland guy. I should have researched it more thoroughly before posting. We live in hope.
  10. fraz65

    Look guys be realistic with the season ahead

    What do you think are the chances of him playing for Killie again?
  11. fraz65

    The OTT Reaction Fred

    With regard to prioritising the League Cup and getting the players back early, and for arguments sake, would you rather win the league cup group and have six fewer SPL points, or finish second in the group and have six more SPL points? Personally I would rather SSC did what he thought was right to give us the best chance of a top six finish.
  12. fraz65

    Look guys be realistic with the season ahead

    Mulumbu is off to Hibs. It seems unlikely that JJ will sign a new contract. Have we hit peak Clarke or will next season eclipse 2017/18?
  13. fraz65

    Ross Millen

    Tommy Wright and Steve Clarke rate him. He's a valuable player if you play a high pressing game. He's the only one of Kenny's youngsters to still be at the club and playing regularly. Johnston, Locke, McCulloch, Clark and Clarke all had him in the team.
  14. fraz65

    Ross Millen

    He has only just returned from injury.
  15. fraz65

    The OTT Reaction Fred

    What's a loose playoff?

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