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  1. How long does it take a team to gel? They've been together for two months now, training with each other every day.
  2. It's around 1 minute 30 seconds. About 2 feet over the line.
  3. How many other strikers in the past 30 years have scored more than 40 goals for Killie? After Paul Wright and Kris Boyd, i'm struggling to think of one.
  4. I think that we've got playmaker covered for the next 10-15 years fortunately. Marshall still has a few years left and he rarely lets us down. Hopefully Ryan Fraser can get back to some sort of form as he's as good a wide player as we've had in recent years. We desperately need a 5 goal per campaign striker though. It should be Leigh Griffiths but he's wasted his career.
  5. And he was supposed to be Alessio's translator.
  6. He always seemed a bit two dimensional to me. Very fast but not much else to his game.
  7. I'm really please with this appointment. I thought that Tommy would have been a good candidate after Steve Clarke left.
  8. You can blame @gordon4418. I was minding my own business on the COVID-19 thread. I'll be taking a break from the site for my own sanity during what will undoubtedly be a tough few months ahead. Wishing all Killie fans good luck while we get through this. I'll hopefully be back in September for the new season.
  9. I'm not actually under that much stress. I'm just an arsehole as well.
  10. Tasmania has done the same thing. They'll probably come out of this less affected than mainland Australia.
  11. I completely understand that and accept that argument. I don't think that we should pretend that it hasn't cost us money though.
  12. Yes but the 1,000 additional walk-ups happened during the Steve Clarke era, when we were still allocating two stands to the Old Firm. The increase in attendance didn't happen as a result of the one stand policy. We could in theory have had the additional income from the walk-ups and the additional income from 3,300 Old Firm tickets.
  13. I'm looking forward to you presenting the data that walk-up home attendances are up 1,000 this season when compared with last season.
  14. There was a good article in the Guardian about the Singaporean approach to contact tracing. The police there don't have anything to do as crime is so low so they perform a forensic analysis of a patient's movements. I'll try and find it and post the link.
  15. I've heard reports that Pakistan has only 1,000 testing kits but they have returned 500 positive tests so far. Based on other nations positive rates, this means that the virus is widespread in the subcontinent. There was a riot in Islamabad rumoured to be 100,000 strong but it has been kept out of the media. We've only heard about the impacts in the developed world but we're about to enter a whole new world of pain when it takes hold of low and middle income countries.
  16. Young people are the most likely to be adversely affected by the political fall out. It's in their interests to ensure that the impact is minimised as much as possible. A vaccine is longer than 18 months away. I suspect that the direct impact of this will be longer. Serious questions have to be asked about why an island state allowed a viral pandemic to take hold without any concerted effort to close the borders and contact trace. It was obvious to me from mid-February that things were heading this way. I was actually worried from January when I saw the exponential curves from Wuhan. People are in paid positions to deal with this kind of threat and they failed miserably. There was plenty of time to close the airports, ban cruise ships and contact trace any cases. This lockdown would have had to remain in place for months but it would have been better than the alternative: hundreds of thousands dead and a lockdown in place too late.
  17. And quite frankly I couldn't give a s**t about football at the moment.
  18. My understanding was that the 1,000 increase in home attendance occurred during the Steve Clarke era, when the Old Firm were still given two stands. Attendance at home old Firm games is significantly down on last season. On a very quick calculation, I make it an average Old Firm home attendance of 8,500 this season (v Rangers 9,191, v Celtic 8,307, and v Rangers 8,096), compared with 11,800 last season. The debate is around whether the enhanced home supporter experience is worth the loss in revenue from these games.
  19. Is this true? My colleagues in Milan haven't reported such a low age cut off. These data are from JAMA last week. 37.6% over 70.
  20. I've still not had a case. We're predicting things starting in three weeks but it could be next week as we've effectively stopped testing. The major issue that we're having is nursing staff. An estimated 40% to be off on sick leave and that's not counting those needing time off for child care. This partially explains the schools still being open. I suspect that this is the case in the UK as well.
  21. The military have been brought in to move the dead in Bergamo.
  22. That's the case in our unit and in most new hospitals. A definite advantage in controlling infection spread.