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  1. Fixture list has thrown up a storming final pre split fixture this season. Kilmarnock v Livi on 4th of April could be winner takes all decider for a top six place this season. Now would be the ideal time to start selling it, reduced prices, season ticket holders bring a friend for free, free kids tickets and heavily promote a mini season ticket for the post split tickets. Probably need 7 out of the next 9 points to set it up but that's certainly possible.
  2. Amazed if anyone that's drank it can pronounce it never mind spell it.
  3. They'd have ended up in our net as well.
  4. Pat Bonnar slevers his way through most Celtic Games, Alan Preston whines his way through Hearts demise on a weekly basis and Derek Ferguson gets Hamilton because his big team are still in the huff.
  5. Surely if this happened someone else must have heard it ? Seems strange that only one person in the entire stand heard the shout and they arent so sure anymore. If it happened the guilty party deserves everything thats coming their way but lets put down the torches and pitchforks till we have something more than a dodgy recording, a prospective internet sensation and an uninformed and overeager media. Did anyone else hear anything ?
  6. I stand corrected..................Craigieboy you are a legend.
  7. Ross McCormack, Vladamir Weiss, Ross Wallace, Victor Anichebe, Alan Hutton, Islam Feruz, Tom Carroll, Willo Flood and Mulumbu.
  8. Tried to book a table at the Hotel for Friday and have been told they are fully booked, there are no rooms available and the bar is all ticket............
  9. To be fair this forum has always had a section who spend their time running the players down rather than building them up. I would hope any player that stumbles on to this site doesn't take it too seriously. Everyone needs to remember this is a mainly anonymous site and you really have no idea who is posting, it could be an over excited 8 year old, a middle aged alcoholic sitting in his stained boxers rageing at the internet, an uninformed armchair supporter, troll from another team or just a random slevering maniac, we've had them all on here. It's the reasoned and informed you have to watch out for
  10. Pretty sure the success of Wedensday night will bring more to the next RanTic game at Rugby Park.
  11. Heard Craig Gordon is out for 6 weeks after pulling a hamstring standing up.
  12. "If I did the tackle it becomes reckless and everyone is surrounding the referee and stuff," said Brown. Erm where were you Scott and what were you doing for the entire 6 minutes Limplong was lying ( both interpretations) on the ground ? Chic Young has been suspiciously quiet on the Griffiths incident considering he was sat in the middle of it. Craig Gordon, Neil Lennon and a few other Celtic backroom staff feeling the need to gang up on an elderly supporter was a bit bizarre, Griffiths might not be the only one the SFA should be looking at. Same old Celtic, it's all about the drama.
  13. I would give up on the mind altering drugs if thats the way they're altering you.
  14. Has Paisley Exile resigned again Cheers P.E

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