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  1. St Johnstone to go 0-1 up and then we'll react.
  2. As I've said previously, a rude awakening for him as well as many other players in the same position as to what options they actually have given the circumstances.
  3. Good luck to him - just not against us. Can hear the chorus of "boooooooo" everytime he gets the ball when we play Motherwell already.
  4. Rife rumours that Morelos has been in Spain recently with his wife and newborn but not adhered to the quarantine procedure upon his return.
  5. Keep it going Gav. Your efforts are appreciated and enjoying the coverage.
  6. I take it you've passed this feedback to the guys that operate Killie TV?
  7. Some of the turgid garbage that comes out fans mouths when at the game can't be any worse I'm sure.
  8. Peak Kickback - slating guys who have the club at heart and in the current climate, playing their part in our football experience
  9. These idiots will get the fitba stopped again by the government.
  10. LH31


    Had Juliens number all day today. We'll played big man!
  11. Well done Killie. Deserved something from the game

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