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  1. I like it. Welcome back stripes
  2. That's because your club done this and you didn't get the option of a refund.
  3. I read that Spurs have taken a loan of £175m from the Bank of England for losses they'll incur behind closed doors as well as scheduled concerts being cancelled. Appreciate the costs of the new stadium however that's a hefty wedge to be borrowing considering all the monies that EPL clubs get. How much money do we have in this country when we can subsidise wages for the UK and offer loans like this to business?
  4. LH31


    A move dictated by finances imo
  5. LH31

    Dog Jacket

    If i remember correctly, someone on here posted a picture of their dog with a customised Killie jacket. Do these still exist and if so, where can you get them? Cheers
  6. Who do you think has been Killie's biggest ever signing? I'll say Tommy Burns.
  7. Found this wee montage of all the Killie goals scored at home this season. Enjoy!
  8. Fair play for a bold decision.
  9. The correct decision imo.
  10. LH31

    How it ends

    Sports broadcasters are suffering as they have nothing to show. No subscriptions, adverts, sponsorship etc. If they're not making money, that dominoes into tv money for alot of football clubs - some of which are heavily reliant on it (England being an example). If there's a way to get the wheels turning again in some format, i imagine they'll look at it instead of writing it off.
  11. I liked this one with the solid blue back
  12. LH31

    TV Rights

    Yes but its a short career they say...

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