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  1. Him and Hemmings have been solid
  2. LH31

    F. Murray

    Looked dynamite pre - season / league cup but seems to have faded since the start of the season
  3. Another clean sheet. Top of the league
  4. I think you may need to adjust the expectations - at this level were going to need scrap.
  5. There ish no pleashing you Aushtin Powers and fahsha!
  6. Will there be highlights posted?
  7. Nice to hear we have players throughout the squad that can step in when needed. Onwards and upwards
  8. Haunstrup has got a daily residency with the boo Boys on here
  9. Good luck Lee and welcome back to the Killie
  10. Good luck and welcome to Killie
  11. Who knows. Let's wait and see
  12. Reilly is going to Falkirk I believe. Not sure where Hendry even started from other than the St Johnstone connection