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  1. I would like to see us return to 4-4-2 as follows:- Rogers Millen Broadfoot Findlay Waters Burke Dicker Tshibola Power Kabamba Brophy/Kiltie
  2. Think that was Drew Cochrane, one time editor of Largs newspaper.
  3. Very soft penalty given to County and a stonewaller denied to Killie.
  4. I'm up and running. C'mon the Killie!
  5. Why is this relevant to this thread?
  6. Where is the 'so few first team games' coming from? He played 79 for Bradford, 33 for Blackpool and 31 for Birmingham for starters.
  7. Eastwood is not inexperienced. As always I'm happy to back AD and his backroom staff.
  8. Would you be happy being a Hamilton player having to go to the 'locked down' city of Aberdeen tomorrow?
  9. Oops. I was logged into Scottish Premiership and not Scottish Football.
  10. You can tell the Old Scum aren't involved. Just looked for the full draw on BBC website. NOT A WORD.
  11. Wondered if there was room in Tish's back pocket for Broon beside Youssouf.

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