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  1. KillkieBoab

    Eintracht Frankfurt

    Watched the final and it was way better than the rubbish served up at Wemberlee. Last minute of added time was almost up to the ending of the 1-1 draw at Ibrox in October. Even had a disputed VAR decision.
  2. KillkieBoab

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    Obviously over 2,500 Killie walk ups at the Jambos game but would have been just a few hundred before SSC arrived.
  3. KillkieBoab

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    Don't know where you are but I did hear that some re-arrangement is being made around the dugouts in FB stand.
  4. KillkieBoab

    Still a chance of Europe?

    I see from the news that the taxman has returned to haunt Sevco/Oldco or both. Does that give us a chance of the fourth Euro spot if Ceptic win the cup? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44129307
  5. KillkieBoab

    Next Season's Strip

    Am I the only one who has just realised that we wore the new strip on Sunday?
  6. KillkieBoab

    Football Writers’ Manager of the Year

    Good decision but not sure I could name one sports journalist these days.
  7. KillkieBoab

    Paper Roses....

  8. KillkieBoab

    Kris Boyd

    Delighted to see that Kilmaurs Primary School are flying a yellow flag saying BOYD. Are they celebrating him being Premiership top scorer?
  9. KillkieBoab

    Next Season's Strip

    Sounds like it will be worn by the team on Sunday.
  10. KillkieBoab

    Congratulations Killie

    Proud to, proud to be, proud to be a Killie!
  11. KillkieBoab

    7/1 Odds tomorrow

    Dean Street bookies offering 12/1 for a Killie win and both teams to score. Takes me back to the last minute Boabby Williamson winner.
  12. KillkieBoab


    Wear your bicycle clips on Saturday folks. The rats are leaving the sinking ship.
  13. KillkieBoab

    Leo fasan

    Just seen the first two goals on BBC Alba, so far. He hadn't an earthly with either of them. Same applies to the third but the defending in front of him was dreadful. Can't blame him for the fourth either. It was a sublime through ball. Nor can I see how he could have stopped the last one. No more so that Marciano could have saved Boydie's free kick. What a game though. Think I'll go to Greyskull.
  14. KillkieBoab

    Steve Clarke on Football Focus - Sat 28/4

    Have I missed it?
  15. KillkieBoab

    Steve Clarke on Football Focus - Sat 28/4

    Another honest interview, or snippet at least. Have Killie ever been on Football Focus before?

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