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  1. Nonsense. When do we ever pay a transfer fee? Yes there is a big rebuild to be done but there will be no shortage of players out of contract. Big onus on the management team.
  2. Found this in my cupboard this morning. Not one of the club's highest points but a season full of memories for those of us who were there. Has to be the last day win over Cowdenbeith for me as it was the last match that my dad and I attended together before he passed away the following January.
  3. How are agents expected to pay their money to the club since the shop closed?
  4. Who would when you had to hold the pose for three minutes?
  5. Replied to this challenge from a pal on Facebook. Pick one player per country. Let's keep it just to Killie and no substitutes to allow plenty of options for others. Lekovic Montenegro Sylla Ivory Coast Dindeleux France Kroca Czech Republic Tesselar Netherlands Pascali Italy San Juan Spain Eremenko Russia Mulumbo D R Congo Wentzel Zimbabwe Van Turnhout Belgium
  6. are being interviewed by Gavin Wallace on his Rocksport show after 4pm today. https://www.rocksport.store/
  7. Their won't be any need to check for hooks.
  8. Where can I buy this issue Sandy?
  9. Drove past Scumerset today. Jeez, it disnae get any more aesthetic.
  10. If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. Come on THE KILLIE!
  11. I disagree. As a 'keeper for over twenty years, my opinion is that that cross was not one Branescu could have come for. He was at the front post (correctly) when Kennedy sent his, fairly low, cross onto the centre of the six yard line and, not for the first time, our central defenders were second best. The goal though came from our failure to stop the cross being delivered.
  12. How did the goalkeeper get included in this criticism?
  13. If, as I expect, Alan Power returns to the team tomorrow. Who is left out? Greg Kiltie did very well against Aberdeen but Rory may well be the better option for a difficult away game.
  14. Oxymoron if ever there was one.
  15. KillkieBoab


    STV news have just run a segment on the prevalence of alcohol advertising in Scottish sport and start their film with a shot of oor Burkie displaying our QTS logo. They then show Septic's Magners and Murrayfield with Guinness displayed on the centre circle. What do they think QTS actually do?

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