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  1. A decent point from very difficult opponents.
  2. Now may be the time to point out that my comment, some days ago, said that the travelling support would be closer to 200 than 2,000. Thus 1099, or less, and I am proved right. 😉
  3. So 99% of Scots then?
  4. Who is this Ben Todd and what is is job at TTOP?
  5. Bon Accord for us pre and post match.
  6. 2,000. On a Friday night with the game live on the telly? I suspect 200 will be closer.
  7. Our very own Big Gav was doing open all mics for the Beeb at Gayfield today, Said they were outstanding.
  8. Like this you mean? Tickets are available to buy ONLINE right up until kick off
  9. Don't see why not. He made The Fish the answer.
  10. Our average attendance in 2019-20, the last with an attendance, was 5,856. With the current figure showing as 5,637, we have a decent chance of reaching that figure today. THAT IS IMPRESSIVE! C'mon the Killie!
  11. Won't the ticket office just be using the online system to pick your seat?
  12. Hibernian Ticket Update All Season Ticket holders who applied for tickets for Sunday’s Premier Sports Cup match with Hibernian have been successful. Our Ticketing team are notifying those supporters along with details for payment and collection. We have just under 200 tickets remaining on general sale. Payment can be taken over the phone by card. The Ticket Office will be open: Thursday, August 12: 4-8pm Friday, August 13: 3-8pm We will have a method in place to allow pre-paid tickets to be collected for fans who stay further afield and will not be able to get to the ticket office. If you are unable to make these times please contact the ticket office, on 01563 545311 or email tickets@kilmarnockfc.co.uk Our team are experiencing a high volume of calls and should you be unable to reach them by phone then please email the above address with a contact number and they will get back to you as soon as possible.
  13. It's spot the well known Killie fan on QOSTV at the moment.
  14. Is that a re-arrange the words sentence? Come on the KILLIE!
  15. I loved it when my NaN played for Killie.
  16. Open return tickets £20.10 at the moment. They will get dearer as the approach sell out and there will be a restricted number allowed in the current crisis. Buy now if you’re going by rail.
  17. Cheers. As I'll be 70 in October it's a long time since I've been called son. I spoke to two people who were in the queue, Both already had a ticket on their phones but wanted something on paper too.
  18. Just spent two hours eating lunch in The Pavilion and watching a queue that was never less than ten people but seldom more than twenty. They all seemed to be there just so that they could get a piece of paper instead of 'something' on their phones. Strange.
  19. Is Block 2 not where the new Hospitality box is?