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  1. ross1987

    st mirren home Bet Fred, Fred

    Yep - as should St Mirren, just hit the bar.
  2. ross1987

    Ticket Prices for 2018/19 Season

    £25 for an adult and a child is great value. I don't think anyone can complain at a family of 4 for £48 either.
  3. ross1987

    SSC & AD sign new contracts

    Is it an extension??
  4. ross1987


    Hopefully just a mis-informed journo.
  5. ross1987

    Steve Clarke Interview

    “There are no targets, I didn’t set any last year. My first target was to get away from the relegation zone" Belter
  6. A lass I know down there has for the first time, refused to confirm or deny a rumour as a confidentiality agreement is in place. Definite legs in the Everton link. Wither he goes or not is another story altogether and I'd be surprised if they replaced him with Taylor.
  7. ross1987


    Came on leaps and bounds under Clarke, glad we've got this one tied up.
  8. ross1987

    La Manga training camp

    What's the story with friendlies/bounce games. SFA released a list of approved games right through July and I couldn't see us on it. Do we have anything lined up before the St Mirren game?
  9. ross1987

    JJ Sunderland Speculation

    Paddy McNair money is going to Rodwell and other various pay-offs. Sunderland are skinto.
  10. ross1987

    Over 3,200 ST's sold....

    Whats our average pay at the gate? I know a few of these will now be ST holders, but if we hit 4K ST's are we going to be seeing regular 5k+ at home games?
  11. ross1987

    2018 World Cup

    Brilliant from Kroos, #itscominghome trending on twitter in the 94th minute then bang.
  12. ross1987

    Killie aiming to win the league - Billy Bowie

    That was my first thought, would rather Bowie said what he said, rather than say we've no chance and give Celtic the trophy now.
  13. ross1987


    Something I'd love to see. I wonder if the TIK subscribers would get first crack at buying season tickets in it.
  14. ross1987

    Supporters Clubs and buses

    Used to get one outside the Ardneil Hotel in Troon when I was a lad.
  15. ross1987

    Goal of the Season

    Jones' was a cracker. But Boydy for me, just glorious football.

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