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  1. I was in Scotland last week so I was taking full advantage. A couple of buzzworks places Mon and Tue, a place in Edinburgh on Wednesday. Saved around 150 quid over the three days, more if you add in a couple of cafe visits as well. Lido Troon is excellent.
  2. BBC: "Aaron Tshibola starts for Kilmarnock a day after sealing his return for a third spell at the club. Luke Eastwood is named in goals ahead of fellow new stopper Danny Rogers. Club captain Gary Dicker and striker Eamonn Brophy have been nursing injuries and are on the bench, with Nicke Kabamba the focal point of Alex Dyer's attack. The tall striker will be backed up by Chris Burke, Greg Kiltie and Rory McKenzie." Luke?
  3. No more poppies at football then. No more rainbow laces campaigns. No more Show Racism The Red Card. No more football supporting the NHS. No more Armed Forces Day at Ibrox....
  4. "This is the general discussion forum for all things related to Kilmarnock Football Club. " Seems to be in the right place.
  5. I don't think that's the problem.
  6. What was controversial about it?
  7. I meant if they do stop 10 in a row after throwing all their money at it.
  8. Third highest in UK?
  9. They'll have to be careful in case the SFA/SPFL step in and investigate under FFP rules and strip them of the title.
  10. Anyone going for it? You can find participating restaurants here by supplying a postcode: https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/eat-out-to-help-out/find-a-restaurant/
  11. Are there thousands of customers in this situation?
  12. Yes, Sturgeon comes out and faces the cameras and answers questions all the time. How dare she! "Q: The opposition parties at Holyrood have been complaining about the fact that these briefings are broadcast. They say they are party political. Do they have a point? Sturgeon says she is a reasonable person. She thinks people watching can make their own judgments as to whether she is using them as a party political platform. Sometimes she refuses to answer political questions. But she says people will decide for themselves whether answering a question about Covid amounts to making a political point. She says her biggest concern is that people are “getting a bit lax”. She says being able to look down the camera and give people the advice needed to keep this under control is important. It is up to the broadcasters what they do, she says. But this is in the public interest, she says."
  13. Interesting timing as well, putting someone else out there to take the flack just as Brexit sh!t is about to hit the fan.
  14. It does beg the question, what does Boris actually do if he's not up to the job of being spokesperson for Cummings? Perhaps he was struggling on the strong grasp of policy issues, both foreign and domestic. Or maybe, like everything else in life, it is simply too much like hard work for Boris.
  15. Looks like BoJo is planning to hide from the media even more. Full time spokeperson required: No 10 to advertise for spokesperson to front planned daily TV press briefings Downing Street will today be posting an online advert for the new spokesperson post it is creating for the person who will take the daily televised press briefings it plans to start holding in the autumn. According to the Daily Telegraph (paywall), the advert will say No 10 is looking for “an experienced and confident media operator who would enjoy working on camera and with senior ministers, political advisers, officials and journalists; who would relish the challenge and pace of televised briefings, and who has a strong grasp of foreign and domestic policy issues”. And it will say: "The successful candidate will become a trusted political adviser to the prime minister and member of the senior team at Downing Street, reporting into the prime minister’s director of communications. You will represent the government and the prime minister to an audience of millions on a daily basis, across the main broadcast channels and social media, and have the chance to influence and shape public opinion. You will speak directly to the public on the issues they care most about, explaining the government’s position, reassuring people that we are taking action on their priorities and driving positive changes." sounds like that's the basic script for day-to-day business.

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