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  1. I'm amazed so many people think Boris is handling the crisis well.
  2. It is strange how one of the most capitalist and inequal countries in the world can be so communist and all for equality when it comes to sports.
  3. I think where the money comes from is the main problem with agents, they shouldn't be getting paid by buying and selling clubs. If they represent the player they should be on a percentage from him.
  4. Media to blame with distorted reports apparently (fake news!): Cummings says he can understand why people are angry over his actions if they have been following the media coverage of the story. "I’ve seen some of the media over the last couple of days, and I’m not surprised that a lot of people are very angry. I hope and think that today, when I’ve actually explained all the circumstances about it, I think people realise this is a very complicated, tricky situation." Cummings seems to be firmly placing blame at the door of the media over this - when asked about suggestions from scientists that his actions could introduce an element of personal discretion into the rules, he said: "I think they’re right to be worried that the coverage over the past couple of days could encourage people to behave in a certain way, but with great respect to them [the scientists], they made those comments without knowing what actually happened." Cummings goes on to say that public anger over his actions has been caused by media reports that aren’t true. "There is understandably anger, but a lot of that anger is based on reports in the media that have not been true. People have shouted at me in the street, “Why did you go back to your parents?” but I didn’t do that."
  5. of course he wasn't wrong, he knows better: " I can understand that some people will argue I should have stayed at home in London. I understand these views, I understand the intense hardship and sacrifice the entire country has gone through. However, I respectfully disagree. The legal rules inevitably do not cover all circumstances, including those that I found myself in. I don’t regret what I did and as I said, I think reasonable people may well disagree about how I thought about what to do in those circumstances but I think what I did was actually reasonable. " I found this one amusing: "However, his eyesight had been affected by his illness and so he went for a short drive to see if he could drive safely - to the town, Barnard Castle." Just as they advise when learning to drive, if you can't see very well just try a short drive (of about 30 miles) to see if you can still drive OK.
  6. Unfortunately it often doesn't make sense for the player to sign that contract when he can be open to better offers in 6 months time.
  7. They only have to convince them they'd be better off if the govt weren't giving all their taxes to scroungers and immigrants.
  8. Senior Labour or SNP figure doing the same thing.
  9. Good question from Michael Stewart: "Can anyone explain how the club lost £11m, was needing £10m to see the season out, then Coronavirus hit and has deferred huge amounts in wages but can be linked with a £5m signing?"
  10. Sevco agreed to accept all football related charges and debts from oldco as part of gaining the SFA license.
  11. There's only light at the end of the tunnel if the number of cases and deaths reduce.
  12. because he is lawless?

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