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  1. Brilliant. We didn’t deserve to lose that. Loads of positives. Sometimes they go against you. We got a lot of luck on Wednesday.
  2. Kiltie looked good when he came on. We were definitely unlucky. First goal was a screamer- why don’t we have anyone that can do that? That’s two against us in 4 days! Second was unlucky, not sure if the keeper was wrong footed by the deflection. loads of pressure and Hibs are a decent side so I was fairly impressed with how well we did against them. Did I hear the Home support shouting “killie killie” at full time?
  3. Poor free kick for Dicker to give away. loads coming down that right side with SOD & Burke on form. Brophy has been my MOTM so far. few misplaced passes/headers from Kabamba.
  4. Monk

    Saints home, Fred

    Watched them last weekend against Motherwell. Their keeper was stinking. Motherwell weren’t even that good.
  5. On the Kilmarnock fc fan Facebook page but I can’t share the link and can’t see them on the spfl YouTube.
  6. Literally just watched the highlights and thought the exact same. Fantastic team goal, so many players involved. Didn’t appreciate it at the time.
  7. Every player out there today had a fantastic game. SOD was better than I’ve ever seen him. We used the wings much more than I’ve seen this season- neither full back afraid to get up. Second half SOD was playing in front of me and I don’t think he put a foot wrong. Niko had another brilliant game. Mid three were solid- in fact, I didn’t really notice Mo in the first half such was the type of game Burke was having. Mo was outstanding in second half. Dicker also good. Power was fairly quiet in comparison but only because everyone else was playing so well. Also thought Rory had a brilliant game. I was really impressed with him. Brophy was excellent too, he made some really good runs and I’m sure I remember him laying it off a few times. back two were good without really needing to be. Hearts were easily the worst opposition I’ve seen at RP in a long time. Even when we weren’t hammering goals past them they offered exceptionally little up front. Naisy was invisible. I was worried about him at the start as ex players always have a habit of scoring against us. Lary looked more confident collecting crosses and I thought his kicking was better. What else can I say about Burke?! Said it last season, he, for me, is one of our most important players. When Burke is on form he is unplayable. I think we are usually a poorer team without him. Absolutely brilliant day. Long may it continue.
  8. Monk

    Bring a Gift

    Great- are we marking age limits etc?
  9. Monk

    Bring a Gift

    Stupid question time - Do we wrap the gift?
  10. Monk


    Can’t believe some of the entitlement of Killie fans now. Only 3 seasons ago we nearly went down. Look at the “bigger” clubs that have been down since we got promoted. Hearts, Hibs, Dundee, Dundee United, etc. Avoiding relegation should always be our number 1 priority and top 6 for our budget is just outstanding.
  11. Well said. Motherwell or Aberdeen or hearts or Hibs or anyone bar the OF get the injuries we have and they’d be struggling too. Look at hearts at the minute!
  12. El Makrini injured too? That’s makeshift as feck!!
  13. Players from the 2015-2016 era most forgettable for me. Can barely remember Higginbotham, balatoni and McHattie playing for us!!
  14. Can Hendrie play CB? An option with potentially Findlay, DDF and Bruce all out for Saturday.

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