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  1. Absolutely. Would be a good point for us, would keep us on our decent run and as a bonus - would damage the huns title challenge
  2. I hope he stays but his contract is up this summer
  3. Alarm bells have been ringing for months, the club has had ample opportunity to take action and has failed miserably.
  4. His competence regarding football matters should be a non issue. As the head of the club, his role is to ensure competent people are in place to carry out their duties. Bowie knows fine well he isn’t qualified in football matters - and that is why he scoured the earth and left no stone unturned in search of the perfect Head of Football Operations. He found this in James Fowler. A man about who Bowie said, “James’ experience for the role is second to none”... Second to none? Sorry. What? Zero contacts and zero experience scouting players. Grossly unqualified. F**king hell Billy! Next time I see one of your Tankers I’ll wonder if the c*nt driving has a license.
  5. We’ve been short of some defensive flair since last January. A CB is the missing piece of the puzzle. We’re great upfront, scoring for fun, we just can’t seem to defend. Why won’t the club sign a centre back!?!? - said naebdy
  6. I definitely would as a replacement for Wilson. Not our problem position though. Need a more attack minded midfielder.
  7. I hope the signing of Kabamba sees Brophy pushed out to the wing as it’s his best position in my opinion. He’s good at running at defenders, he can drill low crosses into the box and we’ve all seen if given a yard he can and will shoot from distance. What he’s poor at is receiving the ball back to goal, hold up play and winning headers. Play him out wide or as second striker (keep him on penalties) - and I reckon he can score 10 second half of the season.
  8. Was fortunate enough to see Dieselfeet play for the North Region Juniors. He was the oldest player in the league and probably past his best - but phenomenal conditioning and a superior understanding of the game meant he still oozed class. Wonder where he is now...
  9. Andrew Shinnie’s contract is up in Summer. Luton are looking like getting relegated. I’d be offering him a pre-contract
  10. Tope Obadeyi? You’ve lost your mind
  11. bizza_89


    Bizarre. The replacements should be in before we deplete our thin squad further. Got to think the people running our club are not completely inept and announcements are imminent.
  12. Definitely! It's what he was brought in to do, and as I said above - the deficiencies in the squad have been obvious for ages. It's not like we've just lost our star players and he needs to react.
  13. It's been obvious where the squad is lacking for so long! Targets should have been identified ages ago and ready to sign on January 1st, otherwise what has Fowler been doing? My patience in the summer was rewarded with Osman Sow, so f**k it... I'm kicking aff! Give us a signing now!
  14. That's got to be the definition of being caught talking sh*te
  15. I prefer bed wetter, thanks.

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