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  1. MeganCL

    Gers thread

    Line up says Wilson but actually is Dicker at the back.
  2. MeganCL


    Second game running there's been no macaroni pies as well.
  3. MeganCL

    Don't have lunch!! New pies today!!

    Had a macaroni pie, which was class, and dad had a Killie pie which he said was much better than anything previously.
  4. MeganCL

    Stop Press: NEW Teabar 'Menu'

    I only ever had macaroni pies so none for me!
  5. MeganCL

    Game of Thrones

    Books are hugely hugely different from the TV series now. So many people dead in the programme but alive in the book etc.
  6. MeganCL

    TV Series

    Peaky Blinders is probably one of the best things i've ever seen on television, would fully recommend.
  7. MeganCL

    Kilmarnock Transfer 2016

    Some cracking goals in that video there.
  8. MeganCL

    New Chairman?

    Phyllis McLeish is the wife of the owner of QTS
  9. MeganCL

    Players Leaving

    Anyone know if we're getting to keep Addison? His name wasn't mentioned.
  10. MeganCL

    Players Leaving

    Tope's tweet
  11. MeganCL

    Players Leaving

    So today so far we've definitely lost Findlay and Hodson (loans) Connolly, Ashcroft, Slater, Syme And seemingly O'Hara and Johnston, although neither of them have tweeted or whatnot so are they confirmed? Anyone else?
  12. MeganCL

    Allocated Seating

    Everyone seemed to get their seats fine around where I was, couple of boys punted a group out of the row behind me because they were in their seats. When they showed them the tickets, one of the girls that was sat there turned to her man and goes "I told you we should just have sat in the seats on our tickets!"
  13. MeganCL

     Surely we have to sign up Addison??

    He's been fantastic, would love to keep him.
  14. MeganCL


    His poor wee boy was howling, he should be absolutely ashamed of himself. Fair enough if he doesn't care about himself but his poor wee yin doesn't deserve that.

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