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  1. We are so weak in the tackle, the amount of times we’ve been muscled of the ball today is outrageous
  2. This is genuinely horrendous. System clearly isn’t working why can’t Wright change it?
  3. First decent team we’ve played and we look poor. Need some pace in the team and some penetrating runs, no one wants to go beyond the lines everyone wants the ball to feet.
  4. Defence is too deep there’s 15 yards of space in between the midfield and defence that ICT are finding space in
  5. This football is pish. Long aimless balls down the channels. Missing out the midfield that has our best players in it. Pointless
  6. It was right at him. Defence gave him the space but the goalkeeper should still be saving that
  7. Everything about that goal was utter s**te. Cmon killie
  8. Really don’t rate Stokes so far in any of the games I’ve seen him in unfortunately.
  9. All 3 kits are stinkin imo! Really liked last years away but these 3 look amateurish
  10. Look at the comments throughout this thread and you will see exactly why I made the comment I made. I’m happy he’s going to a side that like to play neat football that suits his style. People are questioning his loyalty, he’s been here for years and I’m sure has turned down offers from elsewhere throughout those years. About the club it was more a dig at recent management and our style of play not being able to utilise a player as good as Kiltie, we don’t play particularly attractive football and I think he’ll do better off at a side that do. He’s a player I would’ve loved to see do well for the club and think it’s a shame he hasn’t. Just shows the pettiness of fans when people are begging him to stay one minute then glad he’s left the next.
  11. Can’t wish well to a former player without abuse. 🥱🥱
  12. Happy for Kiltie. Hope he gets a club and a fan base that appreciate him.
  13. Kiltie was the best technical player we had at the club and would’ve absolutely walked the championship imo. Contributed to 12 goals in 34 appearances last season, can’t believe some of the comments on here saying glad to see him leave. Talk about loyalty we should be doing everything we can to keep players like Kiltie at the club and if it’s true about Wright telling him to gtf then that’s not great tbh
  14. 2 good signings this level both seem hungry and both at good ages. See Harry Cochrane is a free agent. Think he’d be worth a punt, another one to come through the Grange SFA Academy. Seems hungry for first team games and is still only 20.
  15. I personally think we should look to sign actual capable football players and not duds like Haunstrup, Kabamba, Oakley etc who struggles to play football but can run all day. For some reason our squad is so devoid of footballing talent that most games we start with one player (Burke) who can genuinely play football. Tshibola has the potential to be a great player but we choose Dicker over him game after game, says it all really.
  16. Boyd blaming Allessio for our relegation 2 years later when he was sacked when we were 5th 🥱🥱🥱🥱
  17. Tommy Wright straight down the tunnel. Get him to f**k
  18. The tactics over the two play off legs have been embarrassing. The players have obviously not been coached defensively as we are somehow worse than we were under Dyer. What’s the point in scoring 3 goals if we concede 3 goals? Everyone at the club is absolutely to blame, but Tommy Wright certainly isn’t immune to blame.
  19. 3 centre backs and not one of them picks up and attacker in the 6 yard box. Bye bye get to f**k
  20. This is a tactically genuinely pathetic. Our defence is too deep our midfield is 20 yards away from them means they need to play long balls up to nobody. Get Wright to f**k as well please.
  21. We have 2 of the worst full backs in Kilmarnock history. Absolutely f**king pish
  22. This is genuinely f**king pathetic. Get every single one of them to f**k including Wright and his specky wee pal
  23. Their goal shows the difference between having a quality footballer like Charlie Adam and two players like Dicker and Power in the midfield
  24. How the f**k is dicker staying on the pitch, f**k me
  25. We have ageing players who’s ego is still massively overinflated after the Clarke era. Embarrassing from some of the senior players in our team