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  1. Maybe they can scare some up with all that cash we've got rolling around and nothing else to spend it on?
  2. Disagree, they definitely should so we are aware of the financial deficit we face going into the new season, transparency and all that. Provided there are no names mentioned then I do not see a problem at all.
  3. Don't see how that matters, he's not. The situation now is completely different anyway. The club is under threat, not Billy Bowie. When MJ was in charge the club wasn't under threat, MJ was.
  4. But they are not FINISHING bottom are they? You can't start a competition and then change the rules part of the way through it. This isn't just about saving Hearts, it's about saving Scottish football, but as usual it comes down to personal preferences. No one needs to get relegated. No one needs to miss out on promotion, in fact a few more could come up. We have the chance to sort out a competitive league, things would be much tighter if everyone only played Celtic once and home and once away. Couldn't care less about the split, its a false dawn for most clubs and difficult for anyone to make
  5. Sorry I can't agree with that at all. There will always be clubs that dominate leagues, the 50+1 rule has for the most part stopped Gretnas happening, that's growth but its artificially stimulated, its like athletes taking steroids and performance enhancing drugs to get better results. Clubs should have ambition to achieve the best they can but in a sustainable fashion so the very fabric of the club does not come under threat. There are exceptions to every rule and that is what is happening here and why the German fans are rallying against it. As for cherry picking, that's how the transfer sy
  6. Not UEFA, the home association. The crux of the matter is that they are getting preferential treatment while the rest of the clubs have to abide by the 50+1 ruling and they don't. Like it or not it has enhanced the game in Germany hugely.
  7. I don't know why anyone is saying we budgeted for a top six finish as I have never heard that said at any AGM or otherwise. We always budget for bottom six and anything else is a bonus.
  8. Begone with you and your facts, doesn't fit the narrative! There are folk on here who ripped Alessio to shreds and are now ripping the board to shreds for getting rid. Make up your minds FFS, you can't have it all ways.
  9. Quality fishing, don't think anyone cares enough right now to bite though! If Baw Bag doesn't answer within half an hour the sky might fall in though.
  10. Few weeks without the football and no real information coming out of the club about signings - time to start arguing about NAPM i'nt it?
  11. Maybe they only knew on Monday that it would definitely be going in this week? No, we just assume they've known for ages and trash them for not giving people enough notice. The most hilarious thing about this thread is McLean talking sense and nobody being able to argue with him other than give him abuse about something else, that's his credibility as a moaner trashed!!! Okay, taking that too far! I looked at the original twitter and the massive over reaction which followed and some of the replies were downright embarrassing. If people had promised me help and then never turned up I wouldn't h
  12. Not a bad thing if you ask me. Did we want another Clark cavalcade of numpties and all those crocks getting signed just so we had more players? I'm happy to see that checks are in place and we're not just pandering to the panic merchants. We still have two or three options for a single role, some folk need to calm down a bit.
  13. I hope not, no one should be licensing anything with that old logo on it or they can expect a fine.
  14. Do you troll on a full time basis now? I give Bowie full credit for everything he has done. Bowie said himself why he got involved and I'm not going over all that again so you can have a pull at your wire. One thing if for sure, no matter what I did or what Bowie did - what you did was support the guy who was killing the club, and none of your trolling will ever change that. It's not who you are its what you do that counts.
  15. And prolonged the tenure of the guy dragging us under. I'm not going to slag off the fans that continued to go to games, entirely their prerogative, but I won't be pontificated to by them either as without the actions that some of us were prepared to take (it killed me missing games) then nothing would have changed and we'd not have had the Steve Clarke years, or a club at all potentially. You don't seem to like the fact that it took some drastic action by fans again (as it did during the Lauchlan years) to highlight the problems and bring it to a head. If there was no action taken against the