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  1. mirras

    Cheap Ticket Offer for Saturday v Thistle

    "The “Bring a Friend” ticket can be purchased on the day from cash turnstiles" ... So, does this mean season ticket holders also need to go through the cash turnstile for proof? What's to stop anyone from claiming by saying "my season ticket sponsor just went through the season ticket gate" ? Sounds like confusion is on it's way yet again....
  2. mirras

    Season Ticket Renewal.

    So what do you suggest ? Pay £100 more in 2 weeks time ? Pay at the gate and pay even more ? Or just not go back which was something I seriously considered.
  3. mirras

    Season Ticket Renewal.

    I took up the early offer with free U16 tickets last year and have just renewed again. When I renewed it listed the kids tickets too but only charged me for the two adult tickets. I suggest calling them and ask to be added to whatever database they are using.

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