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  1. Brown was foaming at the mouth after that one!!! 2nd home game against them of that season... Scored the 2nd in 90th to make it 2-0... my fav goal of his! Worldy! superb chest down inside own half, pinged down the line to Williamson, takes return on edge of 18 and lobs it into top corner!
  2. Him and broad foot would be a great pairing... ten years ago
  3. Ha ha! I thought the same! Does SOD like Kirk? Or hate him?
  4. I certainly felt & still feel the siege mentality! After we got hung out to dry over the rangers game despite us being totally blameless (did the copied tickets ever get confirmed?) and some of the articles on Alessio every goal / win at the mo feels brilliant!
  5. Class today I thought. Rock solid & composed in possession. Slight uograde on Kirk me thinks...
  6. Me +2 would be definite. Would this be the team flight? Chances of it happening?
  7. Anyone know if there'll be a stream online?
  8. Daily record reckons it’s fine cos Defoe got up sharp. Jones needs to get up quicker in future...
  9. Two out of three ain’t bad as the song goes. Tshibola a solid 6 most weeks... same again tonight. Dont like to talk down our own but how he ever cost £5m, even in the ridiculously inflated English league, is beyond me. Hopefully Mulumbu can slot back in pronto.
  10. I’d be very surprised too... like going on a date with your bit on the side knowing your bird is gonna be in the same place. Wouldn’t even have him in the squad. Warming up as a sub in front of them with them clapping each other? Piss off
  11. Oh ffs. Heartbreaking stuff. I’m sure Stewart is as gutted as us.
  12. Players shouldn’t be allowed to sign pre contracts with a team in the same league. Believe this is the case in majority of countries. Suppose it doesn’t really affect the OF so SFA won’t care.
  13. With a change of agent is a new contract an option again? Would be a huge boost / statement if we could get him to!

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