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  1. KillieBison

    Tickets V Rangers & Celtic

    Only if they give us increased allocation of course... but the catch 22 is if results do go our way this wknd then Hibs fans interest will be heightened too. Just hope fans don't miss out & there's empty seats in the home end!
  2. KillieBison

    Tickets V Rangers & Celtic

    If results go our way this weekend I reckon we'd take a Hamilton crowd + to Hibs
  3. KillieBison

    Second Place?

    If us, Hearts & Celtic win our next 2 games (not outwith the realms of possibility) we'd be 2pts ahead of Hibs and a point behind 2nd & 3rd with 3 games to go... we could definitely finish 2nd :-)
  4. KillieBison


    That Jones
  5. KillieBison


    Brilliant - hope that the other half of the rumour is true too!
  6. KillieBison

    Billy Bowie Daily Record

    Clarke could sign a 5yr contract & he'd still be touted for every job going by the useless OF focussed media. I really don't understand why they don't want a competitive league with 4/5/6 teams pushing for the league every year. They should be saying "let's hope Kilmarnock can hold on to him for a good few seasons & take them to the next level." Instead it's, "he's too good for them & will be away in no time." Great to hear JJ's comments too... really hope we're doing everything we can to get him on a longer contract NOW. Surely we are? I've not seen a full back terrorised the way the st Johnstone boy was a few weeks ago in a looooong time!
  7. KillieBison

    Disallowed Goal!!

    Anyone got a link to the Facebook fan vid?
  8. KillieBison

    Sheep away

  9. KillieBison

    Sheep away

    what time is the team leaving today?
  10. KillieBison

    Sheep away

    Forecast looks better today than it did yesterday. Still hoping we'll be there tomorrow!
  11. KillieBison

    Away fans

    I had romantic memories of a full stand behind the goal in the 2-2 Porteous game! Tommy McLean's interview after
  12. KillieBison

    Don't run out of pies in the Brora end.

    On the subject of Brora fans how many were there? Can't seem to see it anywhere. & food stalls situation clearly not improved since my previous grumblings on it... haven't been back to check... far too happy watching the product on the pitch to temper it with queue annoyance.
  13. KillieBison

    Mulumbu on Bordeaux and the win

    Shame we are all resigned to losing him in the summer. I'd hope the club are at least trying to put an offer on the table? Make him king of Kilmarnock, grass pitch next season, Europe league football after winning the Scottish cup.... whatever he wants!
  14. Couldn't see ayr doing business with us
  15. Did he not play for us? Or am I thinking of some other haddie?

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