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  1. I have long held the opinion that we should ground share Somerset Park with Ayr United. Rugby Park is an eyesore.
  2. Donald Trump


    Alex Dyer only got the job in the first place because his name kind of rhymes with "Ayrshire".
  3. Donald Trump


    Aye he was crackin.
  4. Aye but it should be boiiiii
  5. Donald Trump


    Great player one of Jim Jeffries best signings.
  6. Aye. We should look at ground sharing with Ayr United in the near future.
  7. An Ayrshire derby playoff would be a tremendous occasion. Symbolic for a number of reasons. A fantastic metaphor. Count me in.
  8. He wasn't playing m8. Plus it was a freak show of a game with loads of goals which was great entertainment and a good laugh. One of the best matches in history of Scottish football.
  9. Give this boy a phone we are losing loads of games and need his expertise and quickfire wit to pull us out of the s**t.
  10. Can we not just give them no tickets? Much better atmosphere and less pollution.

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