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  1. Killie TV with a VPN for £12 a month is the way forward. Wouldn't give those arseholes the £15 for a one off game.
  2. Only for international subscription surely?
  3. Benefit of putting theirs on sales over a month before ours perhaps?
  4. There are two or three players I would consider dropping from my first 11 based on Saturday, Millen wouldn't be one of them!
  5. Which again means his starting position was wrong. That photo makes it look even worse than I thought at the time.
  6. Left for dead? The shot literally went through Broadfoots legs...
  7. Big Larry would have had a clean sheet yesterday and that's saying something! First goal we all know he made a complete arse of and the second I thought his angles were poor and he never extended his arms enough. Having seen the image above, I standby that. Larry would never have ran off his line like that (he was always superglued to it) and he would have saved Boyles second, as would Jamie Mac.
  8. I also don't think he's grasped what "you reap what you sow" means either.
  9. Thought the better team lost today, but if you give teams a two goal head start from awful defending / goalkeeping you're always going to struggle. Felt in opening 20 minutes we badly missed Dicker sitting and stopping Hibs from.running right through our midfield. One we regrouped, Tish and Power looked tidy in midfield. Thought decision to play a keeper who was in the building two days was ridiculous prior to kick off but was happily proven wrong about Millen today, he was excellent. Another game where Hibs have stolen points off us but definitely not a day for doom and gloom. For next week I'd go with: Rodgers Millen Broadfoot Findlay Haunstrup Burke Dicker Power Tish Kiltie Kabamba
  10. Sounds like some folk on this thread were around before the steam engine was invented...
  11. That'll be the team I assume. Even if Tish did sign for us, I doubt he would start if he's not done a proper pre-season.
  12. Nomads and losing 6-2 the season after we won the Scottish cup. Plenty under Locke also... Partick and Dundee at Rugby Park skelping us.
  13. I just can't get my head round why you wouldn't go to the shop first if travelling through from Edinburgh, or at the very least not walking round two minutes before it was due to close to browse it's stock.
  14. Hahahahahahaha never change mate. Never change
  15. Beaton is my favourite referee in Scotland. I know he isn't everyone's cup of team, but I like him.

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