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  1. His previous clubs and goal scoring record reminded me of Kabamba. Perhaps they just wanted him to get used to the Scottish game before throwing him in at the deep end… certainly think he’s playing a level below what he’s capable of and I’d assume come January he’s back at Livi.
  2. Gardyne for them is like Burke for us. Difference is Inverness targeted Burke and put him out the game for weeks whereas we allowed Gardyne to waltz around the park or run unopposed into our box. That is the only difference between us and them this season.
  3. He’s the new Fraser Wright and I love him!
  4. Would not be dropping Rory for this game. At home to your Greenocks etc there’s logic in it, but away to Arbroath in the form they are in I’d absolutely be playing him.
  5. I can. Fowler was the whipping boy for years until he was moved into central midfield. McKenzie clearly is given a specific role in the team and does it well. If Wright wanted him staying wide, running at players and not drifting inside he would be playing Armstrong and McKenzie wouldn't be in the team for not following his previous seven managers instructions. This is a guy who has played every single position except left back, central defence and goalkeeper... yet folk are talking about his stats, goals to game ratio etc when he played with some of the worst Killie sides in recent years, under dross management and playing out of position... but hey, "stats and that.."
  6. I’d argue that he’s one of the few midfielders we have that does try and get beyond someone. Minute he plays a pass he’s never static. He’s a far far better player than many give him credit for and, in my humble opinion, we are a poorer side when he’s not playing.
  7. There’s about seven videos he’s been involved in in which he outlines what his role at the club is. Perhaps if you took time to watch them you’d understand what he does at the club.
  8. I’m not his biggest fan. In fact I think he’s been more often than not extremely poor in most matches. Yesterday was not one of those days. He was excellent and if he can maintain that kind of form he will start to get supporters onside i’m sure.
  9. Tremendous win. Another clean sheet. McKenzie superb and even Haunstrup looked like he’s coming into a game. Can’t wait for Friday now!
  10. Do we expect there to be disruption going to the game if travelling by car? I’d largely avoid the city centre when travelling but unsure what I’m driving into…
  11. It wasn’t perfect today but when you see results elsewhere today it shows that even playing poorly we can still pick up points where others collapse. Delighted to see Rory score to shut up 70% of the East Stand who howl every time he makes a mistake whilst clapping others for the same errors.
  12. There’s about four different areas in black. Last time I was there I was sure I was behind the goals but that was 20+ years ago. Where do the majority of fans go?
  13. A media team like Motherwells that highlight issues within the game like racism and male suicide to appeal to a wider audience than just their own fans. That means becoming a proper community club and not just repeating the fact that we are a community club or a “family club”
  14. Bullitt


    The tackle on Burke in the first half was exactly the type of tackle that Naismith should have made on Gardyne who was the only player in that Inverness side that would push for a spot in our current side. Instead we allowed a player to waltz about the park skipping past players ten years his junior. Gardyne to them is like Burke to us and we have to accept referees at this level will be even worse than the ones we were used to in the top flight.