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  1. It's what he does. Every year. If we sold 5,000 he would moan it should be 6,000. He's just as miserable on Twitter!
  2. As someone who lives in Motherwell I would say it has far more opportunities in it for employment than there are in Kilmarnock. It also has the added benefit of being next to places like Eurocentral which has the large Virgin Media contract centres etc. In fact there are three massive contact centres each employing over 1,000 people each. In addition there's a multi million pound regeneration going on to the town centre, which again, in my opinion, has far more going on than Kilmarnock TC.
  3. Harsh! I embrace his posts. It's better than the usual bed wetting on here because Hamilton have signed a few nobodies or that designer face masks aren't released a day after being announced.
  4. Motherwell and Hamilton reap the financial benefits of investing in youth players. It's something we haven't done in quite some time and should be the lifeblood of any provincial side... even Celtic do this and know their place as a selling club. Absolutely no reason whatsoever with the experience in the side of Broadfoot, Findlay, Dicker, Power, Burke and McKenzie that we shouldn't be peppering the side with one or two younger players. Ally Taylor looked fantastic as did the boy Connell.
  5. Agreed. I'd quite like to be at Parkhead and Ibrox in opening games of the season without the intimidating crowd.
  6. Signed a 3 or 4 year deal in past month or so.
  7. St Mirren probably guaranteed him first team football. Nothing to get too worried about, he's hardly a missing piece of the jigsaw.
  8. He's better then last seasons left back!
  9. The more I see it, the more it's grown on me... two absolute beauties of a kit this year!
  10. Yaaaaaaas!!! Welcome back fella
  11. I think we're in a better position than most clubs in Scotland. Apart from some pretty horrific loans and SOD, we seem to be pretty much as were. A few signings and the core remaining the same will see us O.K this year. Folk need to chill... same s**t every single season.
  12. Not a fan of the away kit but it's all about opinions I guess. What I will say is the home top is a thing of absolute beauty and providing we all like at least one of the tops every season the club has produced then it should be a very profitable venture.
  13. Half the folk on this thread moaning about under 16 ticket prices don't even have kids that fall into the category. As someone who had to shell out for my son this year I can exclusively reveal I don't care!
  14. Agreed. Loaning guys like Stewart to clubs if they aren't involved in first team duty would be very prudent.
  15. A club that are fast becoming as despised as Rangers. Horrible horrible club!
  16. I agree. I don't particularly like them, but I don't think we are in any position to slag off sides with little support. Like you said, they are there on merit and punching well above their weight when you look at clubs like Dunfermline who (on paper) really should be a top flight club.
  17. Although results may not reflect so, there was massive improvement under Dyer on the park. The football was more entertaining and the players were working harder. He will have a pre-season and a full window now to shape his team and in my opinion he deserves this chance for the way he has handled the club during COVID-19. On a personal level, I think he will prove many wrong both in the transfer market and with our team performances.
  18. It's also not true. They actual season ticket number was around the 600 mark
  19. I personally don't think we really need more than four. Two keepers, central defender and cover for left back. If we are clever we can get players to cover several positions. The worry clearly is a top class keeper. We lost too many points due to absolutely shambolic goalkeeping last year.
  20. Glad the wee fella is okay and folk have heard from him.
  21. Sorry JF, I only take signing advice from Craigyboy who is surprisingly quiet for a pre season. Anyone know if he's okay?
  22. They voted to end the season early. Now they don't like the outcome and are demanding £8m. They're a horrible f**king club with a horrible bitter wee owner and they deserve everything they get.
  23. Love the guy. But reality is we can't afford to take a gamble on a 32 year old injury prone player. We need to go for younger hungry players that won't be after a salary on par with any top earners.
  24. You'd need sectioned if you were against GS returning. Sadly it's pie in the sky stuff.

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