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  1. Nice sentiment, but abit much.
  2. Sam

    Squad Rebuild

    We are on a par financially with St Mirren. Moving from them to us isn't much of a move and I would imagine not that appealing.
  3. Sam

    Anonymous Votes

    Certainly seems that way. I think some vote people up or down purely on who they are and not in what they say.
  4. Sam

    Squad Rebuild

    Very good keeper. Not a chance of us going for him. He'll get plenty of offers in the summer. He's made it clear he wants to go to England
  5. Glad fo hear he is on the mend. Thanks for the update.
  6. I'm new to the forum and want to know if the vote up, vote down function is anonymous or is there a way to see who thinks you are awesome or are a dick? Cheers.
  7. Absolutely Andy. I applaude you and apologise. I'm just curious as to why the negative votes to my comment. The elderly gentleman is the main focus.
  8. Thanks Lroy for your civil response. The first sentence is an honest question. Does he mean other Kilmarnock fans would not act in the same way the OP did? Have I missed something?
  9. You're obviously one of them. Just curious.
  10. Can 1 of the 4 rockets who voted down, please explain what is wrong with saying this?
  11. What's that supposed to mean? I think any football fan of any club would give assistance to somebody who had a fall. Hope he is alright.
  12. Won f**k all with this fraud in the team. St Mirren dodged a bullet getting shot of him. Anybody voting this down, take a good look at yourself.
  13. Yes. Obviously Broadfoot has just told Dyer "play me or there will be bother"
  14. Pat Bonner is a bumbling irritation. Obviously only there because ex Celtic. No talent for broadcasting whatsoever. Equally as irritating as Alan Preston, Chic Young and me.

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