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  1. SOD will be leaving.
  2. Got all those in a box in the loft...I think you might be right, I can see an auction coming up for TIK!
  3. No chance of that happening, fitba fans not welcome!
  4. I thought it was proposed that way as well but it was a top 8 and bottom 6 that was on the cards. The bottom line here is that the vast majority were not the least bit interested in what fans or players wanted, no matter what Killie had to say.
  5. Changed as above.
  6. I changed your vote to give a truer reflection...but your name still shows as the wrong option but that makes no difference as long as the numbers are correct.
  7. This is a wee bit out of left field and I'm not really sure the best way to go about it, but I think it would be a a lot easier for the Club to be able to plan ahead if they knew where they stood in terms of current season ticket holders...whether we finish this season (unlikely) or not. I'm all in favour of writing off the rest of the season and I'm not interested in any kind of refund from the Club...I also don't want it reflected in whatever the plans are for next season as that would also be a handicap to the Club in what is going to be a very difficult time. In my opinion it would be a massive show of loyalty from our fans to back the Club with this kind of gesture and set an example for others as everyone tries their best to get through this. I've not mentioned it anywhere else yet, thought I'd run a poll in here first and see if the majority are like-minded or whether I'm showing signs of being in the hoose too long. What do you all think?
  8. baz

    Our Society

    My better half has been making 100% cotton masks for care homes since the lockdown and has given away hundreds now. Filters are like gold dust through so she had to go ahead and make them without filters, but as you can see in that video posted above, they are still effective in stopping the spread of the virus and the more people that wear them the better. She bought the material and elastic a few weeks back but most places have now quadrupled their prices and are advertising their stock as "suitable for masks". Profiteering bastards, won't go near any of them again once this is over. The bottom line here is that if it helps then do it, all the noise about how its a waste of time emanates from people with an agenda, that agenda being trying to cover their arse. There is "little evidence" because they don't want to gather evidence as it might put them in a spot...look at the online facts and figures yourself and you can make your own mind up whether wearing mask helps or not, hint...it does.
  9. There is. Any idea that includes "colt" teams can take a run and jump.
  10. You could put money on it now that the suggestion will be a 14 team league for a season or two. I don't agree with the way they've ended this, should have been either finished or void in my opinion. Everything will be based around the TV deal and saving Hearts.
  11. Never said anything at the time because I didn't want to be negative but now the anniversary is all but past...I don't like it, it's far too busy. All three of the logos on the @Lroy post above from August are better...we should've gone with the ball and hand alone for this years top. Just my opinion of course. For the record I don't like our current crest either, and I produced the first digital version of it for the club website back in the day.
  12. baz

    Killie Kit Cup

    Correctamundo. I'm guessing a lot of those voting for it never actually had it or wore it. Loved the crest though. My all time favourite was the home top with the red flash on the flap with the buttons.
  13. baz

    Killie Kit Cup

    B will romp it. What won through yesterday? That white shouldered number was one of the worst tops ever. It had a weirdo sperm pattern in the material and one feckwit button and a hoop to hold the neck together - it was hoachin.
  14. I've started working on a similar book but its more about fans stories/experiences than the club itself, but like Dillinger its difficult trying to juggle it with other things and progress is dead slow and stop at the moment...plus interviewing is proving not so easy at the moment and its better to hear things first hand. Hopefully I can pick it up again nearer the end of the year...so get thinking about your funniest/saddest/strangest Killie stories and get in touch.

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