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  1. baz

    Steve Clarke

    His new contract does roll on every 12 months as far as I am aware, I don't know any of the clauses in it though but I'm pretty sure that there were plenty in there to protect the Club and still allow Steve options if a club he wanted to go to came in for him. On the Scotland job, which is obviously going to be the next thing to panic people. I have no idea if those currently in charge of the SFA would offer the job to someone who has been so critical of them as they are spineless as we all know...but I'm pretty sure that Steve has said in the past that he would be interested in taking the Scotland post, not just now though as it is too early in his career and he still has ambitions at club level. You can never say never for sure but as it stands I can't see him wanting it just now.
  2. baz

    Killie Gig for Dogtooth

    Absolutely love this song and hope they stick it on the set list for Bakers. You can thank me later!
  3. baz

    Steve Clarke

    Just posted about this on social media...news stories inflated by bookies odds in a never-ending circle. The more people read about it the more money goes on and the odds make it look like it is actually going to happen! If you read some of the articles you will see that they are littered with inaccuracies and pure speculation. I am not saying that it won't happen, Fulham under a different owner were interested before and a lot of the other aspects seem to fit, hence all the speculation in the first place. As Steve is under contract then I dare say that if anyone wanted to talk to him then they would need our permission first, and the last I heard that has not happened, yet. If Steve is for the offski then our Board are not aware of it...and they've got a good relationship with the manager and wouldn't stand in his way if he wanted to up sticks. Maybe it is wishful thinking but I just don't see him leaving quite yet, especially if we qualify for Europe. At the outset he was prepared to come up here for another year, and I don't see why that would change, that's not what the new contract was for.
  4. baz

    Rangers confined to the Chadwick

    No, they are restricted to 5% or something like that...like you I read that somewhere so unsure of whether its the case or not without asking.
  5. baz

    Rangers confined to the Chadwick

    You're taking what was said a bit literally there G. The potential variations are endless...who's to say that 1k extra Killie fans couldn't be 2k or 3k? Also take into consideration that the extra home fans will have a bigger 'spend' than any away fan in terms of buying merchandise etc.
  6. baz

    Killie Gig for Dogtooth

    Dogtooth's last single has now been reviewed by the Off the Record Blog people... http://bit.ly/DOGTOOTHreview
  7. baz

    Killie Gig for Dogtooth

    Great interview with DOGTOOTH by Thomas Neil at Off the Record, have a swatch at it here... https://offtherecordblog.org/2019/04/12/band-interview-dogtooth/
  8. Okay troops, unemployment was not for me so I have started a wee venture to bring more music into your lives and would appreciate some support, especially on social media if you frequent that at all… If you could go to the Facebook page and like/share that here - Night Events There is an event page on Facebook for the Dogtooth gig you could like and share as well here - Dogtooth + The Underscene If you are on Twitter you can follow that here - Night Events Even better you could go to the events page on Skiddle and buy yourself a ticket or two here - Dogtooth + The Underscene Tickets A couple of minutes out of your hectic schedule would be really appreciated, the more people I can reach the more chance I have of making this a success and promoting more events. Apologies for the abuse of privilege and posting this on the main forum...but there has to be some sort of advantage to running this gaff (and I checked with the Trust boss JT as well)...I'll stick it in the Entertainment forum in a wee while!
  9. baz

    Jordan Jones

    Very disappointed in how this has panned out. Seeing how he reacted when he was previously linked with a move I thought the pre-contract would be detrimental to his game and to the team as a result, which has proven to be the case. Steve Clarke stated that he wanted to utilise him and asked that we back Jones and so we did...but I feel that it is the player who has let SC down here with one noteworthy performance since his move was announced. I still think Jones is a good player, but as a few others have found out already, sometimes players excel in environments that are unique to one club at a certain time and they fail to capture that when they move somewhere else (even move in their own mindset). Whatever the case, until such times as the manager decrees different, Jones will be accepted as part of the team. I can't help but feel that he doesn't have the mental strength to cope with the current situation though, despite what we saw him do in the Sevco match, as things stand we probably have better options. There is nothing I'd like more than to be wrong on this and see him finish his time here with a flourish but its not looking favourite.
  10. baz

    Motherwell Match Fred

    To be fair I don't think it matters what I say here, some people are justifiably annoyed and will continue to be so, I'm not stretching credibility at all though...I said it doesn't say free ticket and it doesn't say free ticket...do you want me to start making things up and say that it does? On the phone call, you can choose to accept what I say or not, that's your prerogative, I was told there was one call, one very angry call at that giving the office staff verbal abuse, and I have no reason to disbelieve that, what would be the purpose in lying about that? It makes no real difference whether there was one or half a dozen, it's a relatively small number and indicative of just how bothered most fans are. We have been in the other position before, we've never been given free tickets to get in anywhere, and I don't expect that will ever be the case. Motherwell have done the opposite to us before, agreed a discount deal for season ticket holders and then reneged on it when we turned up for a match, they're a fine bunch to be lording it over anyone...they also get away with charging our fans more than their own...they must be within the rules but it's not exactly being fair is it? Have the club arsed up by way of miscommunication? Yes, they certainly have, but given the turn around that has happened at the club of late and the upturn in all things Killie I'm of a mind to cut them some slack here and move on.
  11. baz

    Motherwell Match Fred

    Again, doesn't say free ticket, you normally pay for tickets when you pick them up....we're nit picking here now though...the club were at fault for miscommunication without a doubt...the levels of abuse they are getting about it is hard to fathom though. Saying that, its mostly keyboard warrior stuff and fans of other teams getting a dig in, social media doing its thing. The club had one phone call from a Killie fan and a few from Motherwell enquiring about tickets...that was it. Time to move on and concentrate on getting a big crowd there tomorrow, that's what is important now.
  12. baz

    Motherwell Match Fred

    Did they actually say the voucher would get you in for free? I never heard that and absolutely no one has been able to quote what was said verbatim, everyone has a vague recollection of it. What I heard them say was that you should collect a voucher on the way out and that would get you into the re-arranged fixture. Which it would, if you paid the fiver, which they definitely didn't mention and should have, that was the big mistake, not enough information. I'll be honest I never heard the word free mentioned once, if it was then apologies but word of mouth and vague recollections are not going to stand up in court with all these fans so eager to challenge our club legally, which is strange to say the least. Fecked over by Motherwell and then fecked over by the SPFL and yet we have some kind of obsession with self-flagellation! Not sure who mentioned it above but you were right that the Club never officially held their hands up to the mistake, I just asked about that and although they have been telling people that directly (me being one) it never went out as a statement or anything so I got that wrong, sorry.
  13. baz

    Motherwell Match Fred

    That wasn't the original offer. It was communicated badly but it was never the case. Why would the Club ever suggest they were making a game totally free? That would be financial suicide and has never been done before....for good reason.
  14. baz

    Motherwell Match Fred

    It was a cock up, that's exactly what I said and they are holding their hand up to that. I'm not sure what you mean about trying to recover from it and digging a hole, what have they said other than correct their original mistake...or more to the point take even more money off re-entry? Edited to add....can I just say that the enemy here is Motherwell, if they'd agreed to the change of date in the first place none of this would have happened, now they have stuck the knife in and are twisting it. We are losing money hand over fist to try and be as fair as possible and many people are going to get into an SPFL match for £5, probably for the first time ever.
  15. baz

    Motherwell Match Fred

    The Club made one glaring error here, they neglected to mention that the 'vouchers' would get you a discounted price back in...I'm pretty sure that they are putting their hand up to that. The plan was, £10 without a voucher, £5 with a voucher...then they decided just to make it £5 all over to try and cut down on complexities and make it easier for as many to go as possible. At no stage was everybody getting back in free. Maybe its just me but I can't remember a single league game for any club that you got in for free (cue the Google search, enjoy). On that basis why would anyone expect that they'd not have to pay something to get into the match? The £5 they settled for is ridiculously low and there are many people who will benefit from this, yet we still stand to lose money on it overall. As for the "logistical challenges", having heard about them first hand the Club are putting it mildly, we even have players out of the country and a lot of the people we employ on match days already have other commitments that can't be broken. There will be no hospitality, there is a lack of bodies for the likes of the turnstiles (yes, get there early) and if fans do turn up in numbers the tea bars and their suppliers will be well under pressure to cope. I've suggested we send all the turnstile operators to the home end and leave one for those feckers from the other side after they've tried to shaft us left right and centre here. Cowan up to his usual, commenting without knowing the facts...thought that Burrows would a bit more understanding but he's stuck the knife in as well and looks to be relishing the opportunity to feign being magnanimous.

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