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  1. Here are some videos of Billy Bragg live from St. Lukes in Glasgow on Thursday 7th November 2019. Just a few songs from the 80’s for those who missed the gig for whatever reason... A LOVER SINGS RICHARD THE MYTH OF TRUST THERE IS POWER IN A UNION
  2. John, but he prefers Jim, his son Stuart is on the Killie Trust board and helped organise the #Killie150 event.
  3. It's not Cowboy....it's Jim Gilmour (not to be confused with Jimmy Gilmour).
  4. The big nosed boy from Barking kicks off a three night extravaganza at St Luke's on Wednesday. Click this link and have a wee look at our new Bragg-tastic collection... CLICK HERE
  5. I think the club have overestimated the market for hospitality in an economy that has seen businesses cut down drastically on this kind of thing, certainly in our area. The whole thing needs revisited taking into account that they are going to have to woo the big bucks 'customers' back and also have an option for regular fans that is attractive enough to entice us to take it up at least a couple of times a season. It's great that we have these facilities but price points have to be looked at more realistically. Again we've been caught out by having the new hospitality manager starting after sales and marketing had already started, not sure what they can do in the interim but I think change will come if we're going to make the most of what we have to offer.
  6. We looked at him during the close season. We're not looking at him now, that's just paper talk or the player's agent bumping his gums.
  7. Jamie Mac has wanted away since last year due to lack of opportunity here and fair play to him he's stuck around as requested as long as we've needed him and been a good player for us. The Club are now looking at stabilising things and actually signing players as opposed to bringing them in on loan as they are well aware we need to look at the long term and will gradually phase out as many loan signings. That's not to say we won't be operating in the loan market if needs be, it just means there will be less of them going forward and that's probably something we all want. I guess we won't be throwing three or four year contracts about straight away either until we are sure players are worth it, that will take many things into consideration, age, fitness, importance to the team, saleability etc. If this guy turns out to be #1 choice in the nets then it would be prudent to give him a year initially and then an extension. The search for quality to bring in didn't stop at the transfer window, in terms of longevity it probably just started there and will continue to expand once we secure someone in the football operations role.
  8. The irony here is that he disliked it that much he asked for a contract extension and wasn’t too happy to be told to wait until Christmas and we’d assess his fitness....doesn’t quite fit in with the story he’s telling now and conveniently misses out that part. Thought he did really well for us and has let himself and us down by getting drawn in to slagging off our new manager...sadly for him it just makes him sound like it was all too much for him and he couldn’t hack it...and that’s not the way I’d like to remember his time here. He’s was always one for a wind up though and I suppose that’s not changed.
  9. The Club have a #1 target for the position and are in talks already for someone to take on a Football Operations role. They are also appointing a new Club Secretary who should be announced soon. The Club have been trying to nail the best people for these new positions for a while now and they are also looking to appoint new people in other more specific roles to deal with problems like that which we've encountered over the summer. It's a whole restructuring and things won't all get held up putting everything through one person any longer. Had this all been in place earlier things might have gone a lot more smoothly, but that's a whole different issue and not something that can be remedied with hindsight. When I was still on the Trust Board I saw first hand how difficult things were in the background and how much effort those involved had to put in. I dare say that has only got more intense with all the departures, but they were necessary to wipe the slate clean and I am hopeful that we are starting to see things go in an upwards trajectory again which will see improvement on all fronts off and on the park. In my opinion the Club Board has to expand and we should be actively seeking more people with ideas, know how and, of course, investment. I'd be willing to forego them all making investment as long as they brought something to the table that benefited the Club! Am I happy with the transfer deadline day results? Probably not; but I think overall we've recruited fairly well and hopefully we'll see some actual signings and minimise the loans when the backroom set is complete. As far as I'm aware AA had someone in last week to talk about a proposal for a scouting network, hopefully something comes of that as well.
  10. Come and get your black bin bags...
  11. It's deadline day....that's like BBC Scotland weather team tweeting it could rain today!
  12. The guest list for this event has been more or less finalised with just a couple of confirmations to come in and there are around 35 ex-players going to be in attendance, all the names mentioned previously plus a few more...even got Alan McCulloch coming up from down South. This means that we can now transfer the spare tickets to the general admission column as promised previously so we will be releasing another 30 tickets today. Please note as it is so near the even when you get invoiced you will only have 48 hours to pay for the tickets once you receive the bill. We've still got some punters booking tickets and then bizarrely not paying for them.
  13. Never liked Hello Hello so don't usually bother with it other than to wind up the Sevconians, I can see both arguments and both hold water but ultimately it will only die out in time if it is replaced by something better and more unique...that's why a lot of the new songs the younger generation come up with catch on...need to get them to come up with something catchy, easy to learn and not so player specific as inevitably players move on...give us some new stuff and the old stuff will die out naturally. That said, I was always wary of the "We Are Killie" line about black b**tards and sung black and white b**tards instead, as it was originally about their strip colour as well as being unclean. Didn't fit in well then, still doesn't now, so I'm happy to change one word to 'manky' and retake the moral high ground and also be able to demonstrate that we can manage ourselves and don't need UEFA or anyone else to tell us what we are allowed to be singing, plus it fits in fine. Looked up the dictionary definition of manky...not only does it mean "dirty and unpleasant" but also means "inferior, worthless" so technically twice as effective as our colloquial version of "black" and the only ones taking offence with be them doon the road its intended for. The "MANKY" campaign starts here. Well it doesn't really, but that's what I'll be singing from now on...folk can make their own mind up though, at the end of the day its a no-brainer and easy enough to implement/remember.
  14. baz

    Sports bar

    The Club now operate the bar and the hospitality themselves and have employed someone to be the licensee and run everything. The hotel will not now profit from any of it other than by its proximity and the overspill factor. I appreciate that it is still a work in progress but I'm a bit concerned that there were so few in hospitality for the last two games that they've all been accommodated in the glass box (whatever you call that) lounge and no one has been in the 'new' 1869 Suite (Park Suite).
  15. Third order of the day....cheers Jake!

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