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  1. baz

    tic away, Fred

    Someone mentioned earlier on in the thread that our penalty looked a bit dodgy (outside the box) and I would never have said this at the time but it looked to me that we got at least four blatant decisions in our favour which I'd have been raging about if it was against us. I don't think it would have made a great deal of difference to the result in the end but I'm just pointing out the bad standard of refereeing when it has went in our favour in the same way we've been pointing it out when it has not.
  2. baz

    Killie Shop Sale?

    I was thinking of doing the same for my two nephews but that's a ridiculous amount of cash for kids tops. I'm assuming most clubs are the same and its not just us of course. Even at that, I had no idea how much they were charging parents to kit them out in a fitba strip...something needs done about that...we're trying to encourage the younger generation to go to games and support the team...hats off to the fans who've been buying them.
  3. baz

    We Appreciate Power

    Actually loving this one, "What will it take to make you capitulate" fits right in as well, not sure about putting makeup on his face though . Sent it to Gav in case he never saw it on here, playlist is done for today though but he's gonna try and fit it in on Wednesday.
  4. baz

    MONEY (An Editorial)

    You make some fair points but I feel you are a bit quick to write off some of our elders Kev! Trust Chairman Jim Thomson is retired and I handed the baton to him purely on the basis of I've never seen someone pack so much into a day or show as much enthusiasm for the cause, one of my best decisions ever was to stand down and let Jim run with it. I appreciate that he's not exactly ancient (well so he thinks, ageing rocker and all that) but there are a lot like him around and we have it on our agenda to target retired people to help out because they have a lot to offer and in some cases, time on their hands to do it, just don't tell my old dear I said that! This is a problem that has to be tackled on all fronts and at all age levels...because you are 100% right, these are the people who we struggle to engage with in bulk and people in the main don't like change, we are still seen by some as the new kids on the block and to be watched! That doesn't mean to say we can't also focus on the "younger generation" and try and find a way to reach more of them as well. It's been really helpful having some of the guys involved with running the 20/20 bus being clued up as to what the Trust is all about and the big picture; they are no shrinking violets by any manner of means and they probably don't realise the influence they have on a lot of fans coming through. But, some of the other 'weel kent faces' seem to be reticent in getting involved and equally they don't realise the influence they have and that can have a negative effect. I have no doubt that they mean no harm, and appreciate that we all want the same things, but its frustrating when they choose not to get involved...even if its just to show support for the ideals. I get the feeling that some people will never forgive the likes of myself for the level of involvement in trying to oust our former Club Chairman, which is there prerogative of course, but that was calculated risk on my part. The end justified the means and to be honest I think few would argue different now, but I take no pleasure in the "told you so" attitude and would prefer to consign the whole episode to history and concentrate on moving forward, and I mean everyone no matter who they agreed with at the time. We have discussed if my leaving the Board would have a positive knock on effect on membership...but record high figures (still not high enough) would suggest that I'm just not that important in the grand scheme of things...and Jim T likes having a lackey who knows the ropes by now. All that might be about to change as our print shop in Riccarton is shutting down in a few weeks and as of today, my 31 years in pre-press is coming to an end. The reality of the situation is that I'll now have to find another job and I can't see me getting one that will accommodate the hours I put into the Trust every week and my family has to come first...so change in some form is coming whether we want it or not. Hence the advert for Trust Board members last week and us trying to bolster the ranks for the Phase Two onslaught to come. I'll still do what I can when I can, but unless we do a Hearts/Motherwell and find funding for a paid employee (not happening any time soon) then we're in the unenviable position of having to ask others to do more, which is not exactly in the spirit of spreading the burden unless we can get more fans involved. So less of the sob story from me and more about the editorial...the idea behind it was to forewarn fans that we have an opportunity to do something here and we have to more proactive and less reactive in our attitude/approach. The Trust have always struggled because we were ahead of our time and sought to avoid the situation where we were rattling buckets to stop us going out of business...but we've grown and established ourselves nonetheless and it is time for the wider body of fans to literally take the initiative and be a part of the solution. The discussion here is welcome and everything will be seriously considered, not only by the Trust Board but by the Club Board as well...which I am delighted to be able to say. Despite everything the Trust has proved it can achieve its goals and I'm incredibly proud of everyone who has helped make that happen. We have created a foundation that can be built on to help the Club Board run the club sustainably for future generations and achieve greater things...being "Killie 'til I die" should be a statement of intent, not just clichéd rhetoric. It's been an interesting morning so far...look out for some generous odds on the Ladbrokes coupons at the weekend and a buy an ex-Ritchies worker a pint with your winnings!
  5. baz

    MONEY (An Editorial)

    I appreciate what you are saying, I'm just pointing out what we do in the hope that someone will miraculously come up with something that we don't do which might work! Always willing to take advice and try something new.
  6. baz

    MONEY (An Editorial)

    The Trust has been on the go since 2003, the poster we put in in the West Stand advertising the launch is still in Stairwell K. We run the fifth biggest unofficial website in Scottish football. We have these forums. We have decent followings on Facebook and Twitter, although trying to get the Share/Retweet idea through to people is unbelievably difficult. We're in the Hippo all the time, podcasts, the local papers, we've been in the nationals quite a lot over the years....we've also done a bit of TV and plenty of radio as well as had open meetings, AGMs, well attended comedy nights, dances and events...and for the last five months we've had a director on the Club Board who has been actively encouraging people to sign up and getting the message out there via the Club whenever possible. Any Killie fan who hasn't heard of us must sure play a mean pinball! I'm honestly buggered if I know how we can get the message out there any better. There are none so blind as those who will not see.
  7. baz

    John Fleming

    They've asked me to go on RockSport Radio about half 7 to comment on the statement. At least someone is asking us what we think and not hanging on every word of media pundits...unless the plan is just to hang me oot to dry of course!
  8. baz

    St Mirren Away

    I'm not doing the nit picking every point thing (that's not entirely true), no one else is interested (that is probably true). I retweet everything the club puts out that is on the first page or the first scroll down when I log in. I don't always read it if I'm honest...I get the value of sharing and retweeting, I wish more of our fans did when it came to the Club and the Trust. The people that spoke to me about tickets were at work. I actually spoke to them, I didn't read it or see it anywhere, if you spoke to them too I'm going to be worried! I'm going to stand by my opinion on open seating, like someone else said above the lack of it has sanitised football to a degree and killed the atmosphere stone dead at Rugby Park for years, in this case however they made a decision and I support that 100% despite not agreeing with it, it's not all about me and I'm quite often wrong and not feart to admit it. My whole point here that I made in the first post was that whatever they were going to do they just had to make it clear and let the fans know early doors. They did, I'm happy, but you'd think by some of the reactions that I was suggesting we pan fry kittens. That's hyperbole too, may as well get in on the act. The panic/no panic is over, we can get back to talking about the game now.
  9. baz

    St Mirren Away

    Some folk lose it, others don't care...if putting the message out there what is supposed to be happening helps alleviate any potential problems then everyone should be happier for it and no harm done. This is an internet forum, hyperbole seems par for the course. I'm in favour of our whole East Stand going unallocated bar a section for those who paid the debenture...can you imagine the brains exploding at the prospect if the club were to entertain that?
  10. baz

    St Mirren Away

    I don't sit on social media all day checking what the club puts out so I missed that. I didn't know it was sold out, and there will still people asking about tickets this morning so I assume there were many others who didn't know either. I had put notice in with the SLO already and was waiting on word back from him...I tend to trust him a bit more than stuff on social media no matter who puts it out.
  11. baz

    St Mirren Away

    Everyone is perfectly entitled to their opinion, just like I'm entitled to mine without insinuating that anyone who thinks otherwise is immature, embarrassing or wanting to cause a riot. In my experience unallocated seating suits us best, when I posted my initial statement remember that there was no confirmation the game was a sell out to my knowledge. My main grievance was for some guidance as to whether the seating was going to be allocated or not so fans had plenty of advanced notice, which was also not clear at the time hence asking for clarification from our SLO, so we could advise our fans ahead of time and avoid any potential flash points. This is not a common occurrence, how many times have you known us sell out away matches? Bobby Williamson got slaughtered for comparing football to the movies, its like comparing apples and oranges! 99 times out of 100 we do not sit in allocated seats at away games. If you think there won't be fans there who are either pissed or be asking other fans to move along one to squeeze their pal in then I'd say you'd be wrong...but I sincerely hope that its me who is wrong. Unless we've all suddenly turned into holier-than-thou rule abiding citizens then there will always be a bit of that going on, I've seen it at games where there have been hundreds of spare seats. It's also against the rules to stand up for any prolonged period, fans tend to ignore that when it suits as well. Now the sell out has been confirmed and their (and our) SLO have confirmed that the seating is to be allocated, we have ample opportunity to get that across to everyone well before the game and that should in turn alleviate any potential problems and give people some reassurance that if they are in the right seats then they won't be getting annoyed by anyone. I'm totally fine with that (not that anyone cares or that it matters) and will try and help get the message out that for this game our fans should sit in their allocated seats...even if some underpaid steward isn't listening at the match briefing and decides to tell punters to sit wherever they like...that has happened on many an occasion as well. A great problem to have, and thanks to Allen the SLO or bringing the matter up at the safety meeting and heading the problem off while its still just a point of contention on an internet forum. In the past all too often we were analysing some kind of failure post match after it was too late, that and the numbers travelling are proof of how far we have progressed.
  12. baz

    St Mirren Away

    I couldn't agree less. 1,600 Killie fans trying to find a specific seat in a stand they visit once or twice a year at most and not for a while at that....or 1,600 Killie fans getting into the stand and just parking their arses on any old seat with no arguments as to whose seat it is? It's got to be the latter for me. No seat allocation, no problems as no one has anything to argue about. Of course there shouldn't be any arguments at all...but that's just not the way things happen in reality. I contacted our SLO and asked him to speak to the club and get a decision beforehand one way or the other. At least that way fans know for sure what the script is before they go to the match. I'm not wearing the "they should know because the tickets are numbered already" thing because I've been to a multitude of matches with numbered tickets that were unallocated seating. The sensible thing to do would be make an announcement. It would be even more sensible to make it in favour of being unallocated (in my opinion) but as I say, as long as they let people know one way or another then fans will at least know in plenty of time what they are meant to be doing and it won't end up chaos. It's fantastic to see such an uptake in tickets for an away game...well done to everyone going...we need to try and ramp up the same kind of excitement about games at RP now.
  13. baz

    Kevin Bridges Tickets Raffle

    We've barely taken enough to cover the cost of these tickets and they were donated by Jim Mann to make some cash for TIK. We don't take any money for our web services and we've seldom put the hat out in the community to cover costs so we'd appreciate if a few more of you stuck in a fiver to possibly win these tickets tonight and make it a worth Jim's while donating them. Thanks.
  14. baz


    Possibly something to do with previous users who have been banned and their IP addresses. Looks like the Park Hotel is a no go area for the forums as there have been quite a few reports of folk being banned when trying to log in there.
  15. baz

    Dee away, Fred

    100% this. Hippo spot on as well, on the balance of play we deserved to win and always looked like we could step up a gear if required. Find it strange some of the folk having a go at our own players here...is this what happens when we've nothing to moan about? Dundee had targetted Tshibola as a danger man and kept the ball away from him as much as possible...he only touched it five times in the first half. It certainly wasn't for lack of trying though. The penalty argument wasn't pretty but it was borne out of pure frustration on Tshibola's part as he desperately wanted to make more of a contribution than play was dictating. If you look at it that way is it such a bad thing? All our players are stepping up their game, that's why Jones isn't standing out as much this year, he's not going backwards, everyone else is improving.

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