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    What a huge feck up. The commercial team and ultimately whoever is acting general manager should be hammered for this. 1 - the site was unable to deal with the "heavy load" of traffic. 2 - Amateur hour when it comes to modelling goods 3 - The shop should have been pulled immediately given the financial issues being caused for customers. If this was known and we as a club did nothing about it, then heads should roll. 4 - The go live had already been delayed weeks and still went live with bugs. You CANNOT treat your fans as fodder. The attitude of "it's only impacted a few" is not acceptable given some customers were being charged THOUSANDS of pounds!! Covid and Furloughed may be utilised as excuses for this messy go live but there is no excuse for negligence and lack of professionalism.
  2. https://twitter.com/MitchyPins Some highlights on there
  3. Have any of our rivals signed any good players yet? I've just seen mostly dross being signed.
  4. Hopefully the fans will get behind them. It's a long season so the true supporters will get behind the boys
  5. Tough start. 4 out of the 5 games we will be doing well to get points from.
  6. it really doesn't. It's just a strip and a good looking one at that.
  7. I suspect Shaughnessy didn't want to come in as a back up to Findlay and Broadfoot.
  8. I get that there are hidden gems in the lower leagues but a 24 year old who has never played a game at a "Senior" level is a very strange one. Jamie Vardy had an excellent record in the lower leagues.
  9. May as well sign somebody from Auchinleck if we think players from Conference south are of the standard required.
  10. BBC have decided to distance themselves from black lives matter. its almost as if they jumped on the bandwagon without doing research on the horrible organisation in the first place.
  11. Mulgrew will likely be on approx 10k a week at Blackburn so doubt he's within our price range.
  12. Makes sense. my team have a daily catch up mostly off topic. my management team have 2 check in calls daily at 10.30 and 16:00 just to make sure everything is ok. They are very much low priority though and last about 5 mins works well
  13. I agree that visual communication is important but enforcing staff to turn on their cameras does nothing but antagonise. the majority of comms are done via phone, messaging and email so non visual contact is the main communication method. my team have a 20 minute meeting each day where we encourage staff to put there camera on and “chew the fat” but it’s not mandatory. Funnily enough, when you work with staff, they are more likely to play along.
  14. Stinking. Looks like a morton away kit. Home top all the way this season.
  15. Bad management unless the employees are a bunch of chancers!

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