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  1. First game back will be a euro qualifier
  2. "Those who feel "unable or unwilling" to accept the cut, will be offered the chance to leave the club." Or they can sit tight and take their full wages as per the contract.
  3. How did Scottish football "nearly go bust"?? What a load of pish.
  4. 20 team league would be better
  5. NULL AND VOID NULL AND VOID NULL AND VOID. Start the season again with the killie boys back in Europe
  6. Obviously you don't understand what a "six-pointer" is when it comes to football. Looks like we might not have to wring out our knickers just yet. Another dumpster fire thread
  7. If only we had kept the Italian lee Clark in charge. We would have 100% no doubt about it bang on the verge of another European run under him. Maybe we would have got papped out by linfield next season.
  8. This for me. 50/50 between Kiltie and McKenzie. All the others are no brainers
  9. Livi currently on a run of 1 win in 7 and earlier in the season went on a run of 1 win in 13 (which was against 10 men). That form wouldn't be good enough for many fans on this forum.
  10. The recruitment has been pish. Our so called scouts need to get their fingers out their arses. Pathetic. Mulumbus and bachmans don't just appear from nowhere
  11. More likely superstar stu Findlay. Aberdeen in the cup, connahs quay red card and today. Howlers!
  12. I said I wasn't sure he was the man for the job. Now I don't think he should be

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