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  1. . maybe one day I’ll get over the Connah quay result
  2. It’s about 7 days since the last 5th under alessio post. i admire your work keeping this gem in peoples minds.
  3. utter s**te. Sometimes I think you are a wind up merchant with a few of your "hot takes"
  4. How is 10 goals a season a poor return?! Double figures for a striker is good in any league.
  5. Twonky65


    For the game on sat, do you have to buy the stream before a set cutoff time or can I buy it at 3.05 and watch the game?
  6. Out of that lot I'd suggest only Tommy Wright would be a good appointment. Lee Johnson wouldn't come and even the thought of Billy Davies or John Hughes sends shivers up my spine. I'm sure we would get some good candidates applying for the role. We did last time (Chris Powell, Darren Moore) However, for some reason we were lumped with Alessio.
  7. Thought Kiltie was excellent yesterday as was Millen. Massively surprised by Millen but he obviously has some ability. Dicker, Findlay and broadfoot move the ball too slowly as well. Needs to be quicker. Waters is a very average player. Would be looking for Haunstrup to come in next weekend
  8. So you don’t like the manager and want him to be replaced. however, you don’t have any names or suggestions for a replacement? What happens if you don’t like the next appointment? Have you ever been described as a boo boy? im not dyers biggest fan but think he deserves time at the start of the season.
  9. Stinking attitude. Doesn’t want to play for Scotland.
  10. Gone in January (if not this window) I reckon
  11. Agreed. Dyer as well. Mulumbu wouldn't be anywhere near a club like Killie if those 2 weren't here
  12. 6 month deal is better than no deal at all.
  13. Exactly this. he needs to go if they want an easy 10 in a row. Steve Clarke for next Celtic manager?

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