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  1. I was hoping for 1-0 win. A suppose I'll have to make back my money. Very pleased with today's result. Hopefully shut a few folk up with their words before the start of the match with the lineup. In Dyer we trust
  2. Hopefully he can keep it up. The midfield Controller living up to his name.
  3. So as you were saying Kabamba would nev.... Kabamba bosses it in this league
  4. Dont see it. Brophy's around 5"9. With Both Thelics centre halfs over 6"3. They eay we play with balls in the box. Its a games for height.
  5. Not far off. Brophy probably wont play up top himself especially against Jullien and Ajer.
  6. He's a magician am sure he could pull something out his hat and do the job
  7. The sqaud page got completely updated the morning before he signed. Im fairly certain we wont terminate his deal that will be up to Sheffield United
  8. I disagree. He's proven he can score at this level. Provided a bunch of assist's. Rejuvenated Brophy's season. So it seems to me that Kabamba can definitely cut it at this level. Certainly done a better job than the 2 donkeys previously. And Alan Power seems to be alright at this level considering he came from non league. Dreadful to think what your thinking. Good signing wee gem.
  9. Made a squad numbers list the other day for my Instagram page. 1. Jake Eastwood 2. Aaron McGowan 3. Brandon Haunstrup 4. Clevid Dikamona(presuming) 5. Kirk Broadfoot 6. Alan Power 7. Rory McKenzie 8. Gary Dicker 9. Eamonn Brophy 10. Greg Kiltie 11. Nicke Kabamba 12. Danny Whitehall 14. Zeno Ibsen Rossi 15. Mohammed El Makrini 17. Stuart Findlay 18. Calum Waters 19. Mitch Pinnock 20. Innes Cameron 22. Ross Millen 23. Danny Rodgers 25. Kyle Connell 27. Aaron Tshibola 29. Chris Burke 32. Thomas Brindley 33. Ally Taylor 34. Curtis Lyle 40. Harry Broun
  10. If Eastwood was long term he'd be back at Sheffield.
  11. No. 10 would be the only positionreally needing a boost. Any others would be a bonus. We dont need any wingers we already have 4 wingers; Burke, McKenzie, Pinnock and Kiltie. Kabamba shifted to the left at the weekend and El Mak can fill in if worst comes to worst. So we are sorted for wingers Personally another keeper would be nice.
  12. Maybe another keeper depending on how long Eastwood is out. Id suspect hes not out long term. But would allow us to send lyle out
  13. Well that was definitely out of the blue. Hearts fans saying he unplayable on his day should slot right in.

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