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  1. Brilliant news for the big man. Will have to get one of those banging DR Congo home strips.
  2. Shows how much of a professional he really is. Going in a huff and wanting to leave rather than to fight for his spot. I personally would like to see McGowan but Millen has been excellent bar his red. And even Rossi has performed better at right back than McGowan. I hope Dyer doesn't drop Millen to accommodate McGowan just now. If he wants to play work for it dont throw your toys out the pram.
  3. Think McCrorie was signed as McKenna's replacement. Am sure they wouldve been preparing for his departure as he handed his transfer request in past year. They signed Hoban too is he no a centre half. No need for them to come for Findlay.
  4. Heart last season. Tho it was with 10 mins to go. It felt like years. Till the final whistle was blown
  5. Great second half performance unlucky not to win by more. Greg Kiltie brilliant yet again.
  6. 5-0 Killie the day. Trust me i know things
  7. 8 accies players will be unavailable for this weekend's game. According to the record.
  8. Good to see some of the young lads getting some minutes.
  9. He single handedly put them through. Very proud of the big man
  10. Brophy always turns up against Accies due to his history with them.
  11. Rodgers McGowan Broadfoot Findlay Haunstrup McKenzie Mulumbu Tshibola Kiltie Kabamba Brophy
  12. Joint 5th next week dont worry. I see it happening
  13. Dicker should be dropped showed little urgency and his constant mis placed passes cost us. Tho not much to take from Broadfoot today was brilliant till he unfortunately got injured. Theres very little difference in mobility between him and Dikamona and pace wise.
  14. I'll take the positives that Rodgers, Kiltie and Stu were all great today. Rory came on done alright. The sheep strikes again as our bogey team we move on to next week and hopefully get a result against accies.
  15. That wouldn't make any difference they're about the same height.
  16. Rodgers McGowan Broadfoot Dikamona Waters Burke Mulumbu Tish Kiltie Brophy Kabamba Bench; Doyle, Rossi, Haunstrup, Pinnock, McKenzie, Dicker, Brindley, Whitehall, Cameron. Dont know if Millen still has 1 game ledt suspended so hes not in. Believe Power and Eastwood will still be sidelined due to injury with stu joining them. Cant drop Kiltie after the last game. Toss up between Rory and Burke. As burkey has been a bit ineffective past few games and Aberdeen game would be good for Rorys effort.
  17. There is hunners of meh players that have came in and out. Westlake, Eccleston, Tyson and virtually everyone Lee Clark signed to name a few.
  18. Sadly for us I think the Bachmann ship has unfortunately sailed( he shouldn't have been the only targeted established keeper we were looking at). But a wish the big man all the best and hopefully he gains some regular football down there with Watford.
  19. Your probably right unless any unfortunate injuries occur. Or sales somehow occur
  20. Daylight robbery. This just proves voting is pointless for the spfl.
  21. That'll be a big no no. Swapping Brophy for another target man.
  22. A wouldve thought Brophy wouldve got a late call considering shankland and mcburnie dropping out . But they've been replaced by Callum Paterson
  23. If he strained it he'd be out 2-3. if he has pulled it 6+ weeks.
  24. We were brilliant the day right thru the team. Kiltie and Kabamba were outstanding. Whether it was a fluke or pure skill from Rory great finish. Dyer certainly had the team well drilled and lined up to attack. The only downside is Findlay will probably be out for a good few weeks.