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  1. Doesn't help that balls are blasted from Hemming and the back line straight to the opposition keeper.
  2. Would've dropped Alston in favour of Robinson rather than Polworth. But still a threatening team. Something that we didn't get to say last season.
  3. Wasn't a pretty game but I suppose you play like that and still get a win shows the makings of a good team. Euan Murray was outstanding and that tackle on the goal line meant more than a goal at the other end. Shaw looks capable enough but just needs that goal to get his confidence going. Rory did what he does best play s**te then pop up with whats needed. In the end a huge 3 pts set up for a huge game next week.
  4. Hemming Naismith McGowan Murray Waters McGinn Armstrong Polworth Murray Robinson Shaw
  5. McArthur is a left footed centre half. And Wales is a striker/winger
  6. A complete list of sqaud numbers. 1. Zachary Hemming 2. Lee Hodson 3. Brandon Haunstrup 4. Stephen McGinn 5. Euan Murray(v.c) 6. Chris Stokes(c) 7. Rory McKenzie(v.c)* 8. Blair Alston 9. Oliver Shaw 10. Scott Robinson 11. Daniel Armstrong 12. Sam Walker 14. Jack Sanders 15. Fraser Murray 17. Brad Lyons 18. Calum Waters 19. Liam Polworth 20. Innes Cameron* 21. Colin Doyle 22. Jason Naismith 23. Rumarn Burrell 24. Dylan McGowan 25. Kyle Connell*(on loan to East Fife) 26. Euan Devenny* 27. Steven Warnock* 28. Ross Smith*(on loan to Stranraer) 29. Chris Burke(v.c) 31. Jon Craig*(on loan to Stenhousemuir) 32. Thomas Brindley* 33. Charlie McArthur* 34. Curtis Lyle*(on loan to Stranraer) 44. David Watson* Haven't quite gathered numbers from players listed below but here's their previous numbers. 51. Kirk McKnight🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿*(on loan to Dumbarton) 40. Harry Broun🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿*(on loan to Caledonian Braves) 46. Justin Devenny🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿*(on loan to Broomhill) * denotes academy graduates.
  7. Even with some regulars injured/on the bench thats still a really strong team. 5 subs today so hopefully see Warnock and watson in action
  8. Good solid full back first time round albeit on his weaker side. A very welcomed signing for me.
  9. Walker Naismith Sanders Murray Waters Armstrong Lyons McGowan Murray Shaw Cameron
  10. Im sure if hibs were really interested in Griffiths he'd be there in a flash considering he's a hibee. More likely the hold up will be due to Nisbet staying or going.
  11. Justin Devenny sent on loan to Broomhill(BSC Glasgow) last week grabbed an assist on Saturday
  12. Ffs is this no a rory appreciation thread... Or have I clicked another thread by mistake.
  13. Im not blaming the result on the ref today but he was absolutely hopeless.
  14. Smith grabbed an assist today
  15. We were s**te today we all agree on that. But some of the reactions "he wont do" "hes s**te" etc. People need to get a f**kin grip.
  16. Couldn't give a toss what he does with the media. He's done and currently still proving his worth as a player here and thats what matters the most.
  17. Glad its fullish capacity. Only downside is I wont be in my season ticket seat.
  18. Thinks its because Gnanduillet fell out with him. Reason suspected to be cause he's benched for Boyce
  19. Just add in his injury record and its Brophy all over again. No thanks.
  20. Slightly blinded on the loyalty side but have to say Rory. In terms of new signing. Hemming or Polworth
  21. Would expect they'd be a pay at the gate. Perhaps in the Chadwick only in order to have 4 stands of killie fans. Perhaps a little section of about 100 seats for ICT fans for some atmosphere
  22. Id argue Robinson is a recognised striker. In my eyes anyway.