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  1. So, which universities are going to take all the 18 year old footballers who left school at 16 with a couple of Standard Grades (or whatever they are called these days)?
  2. BBC website says 9 prem teams would need to vote in favour. Mind you, believing the BBC is a bit of a step into the unknown...
  3. Not defending them at all. I agree it is shambolic. Of course, they should have better infrastructure. I was simply making the point that it isn’t a Sevco style share issue.
  4. It isn’t really a “share issue“ as such. It is more a reminder that shares are available for purchase. Bit confusing by aiming it only at ST holders, but maybe they are the only ones the club has details of and/or in the absence of STs for sale, they thought previous holders might want to contribute in other ways.
  5. I do still wish after all the good he did, and not just picking and managing the team because he did a huge amount of other stuff, that he might have left us with a proper legacy. Maybe he did, and the Board didn’t follow through on his recommendations.... who knows?
  6. “He wouldn’t fit into the group”. That concerns me given the anecdotal evidence around senior players being behind the dismissal of Alessio. As a manager, I recognise the need to make sure that new guys fit in, but that is partly making sure they are the right kind of person and have the right skills for the job, partly making sure that the existing team are not stuck in their ways and open to new blood and partly managing upwards so that when I decide who is best for the job, I get senior management buy in. OK, if they were clearly wrong ‘uns, good decision to avoid them, but otherwise, a good manager backed by his board should be able to make it work. Billy Bowie proclaimed Alessio as the best manager in the league and should therefore have backed him to the hilt in the face of stroppy players in il he proved himself unworthy of the job.
  7. Re Doncaster, this is when you need leadership and ideas and he ain’t our man. Get him hunted and someone with real business skills in his place. He couldn’t negotiate himself out of a damp paper bag.
  8. Fair points. I am just a bit concerned re the communication lines between Fowler and Dyer which left us either in the last chance saloon with only dross on offer, as you suggest, or if Fowler had done his research and identified potentially decent players which Dyer knocked back. Bad comms seem to be a bit of a theme at Killie at all levels...
  9. My old mum used to say if you told people of your dreams before midday they would come true... hope your post an hour ago wasn’t the first time you mentioned it!
  10. I must admit I am still in the dark as to why Alessio was sacked, other than the anecdotal evidence that some (senior) players didn’t like him. It would be good to get something from the club, but that ship has sailed and no doubt based on non-disclosure agreements with Alessio himself.
  11. Yes, I did wonder, but Steve being Steve he might have insisted on a full time number 2.
  12. I wonder if Steve Clarke would have offered him a full time job as Scotland assistant if he hadn’t been contracted to Killie. If so, the Board should have let him go and allow Alessio to bring his own man.
  13. Nor me! But then I’m auld and my eyes are pretty glaikit!
  14. I see from his wiki page that he was 6’ 4”, so a big man in more ways than one - his weight isn’t mentioned, probably to protect his dignity. Once when it was pointed out that he wasn’t very quick and therefore couldn’t keep up with the play, he said “if you can’t see a foul from 20 yards, you won’t see it from 2 yards.” Presumably that is how he saw Frank Beattie’s alleged handball when he scored v Hearts in the League Cup Final. For those who never saw him, especially in that Hearts game, this testimonial may help you:- “He was described as "one of the world's most distinguished refereeing officials". The “describer”, one Sepp Blatter! And here is the man himself, blazer and all!
  15. And when we played Dundee and Falkirk to avoid a colour clash.

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