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  1. Alan Russell became a top international striker coach and his record as a player wasn’t that great…
  2. That would be a great “spot the ball”!
  3. Or just the Tartan Army doing what they have always done best - getting tickets for games against the odds…!
  4. And nothing to do with the crap service he got...
  5. But, Curle isn’t one of those whacky foreigners...?🤔
  6. He has done really well. To start with he tended to play at right back which maybe didn’t suit him. However, in the last couple of months he has come into the team at CB and done really well. Looks a great prospect - dominant in the air, uses both feet, good concentration.
  7. Relevant experience and knowledge of the game would be more important than financial investment. Both would be great!
  8. No company would prevent him investing his own money in a football club - they would only forbid him investing in a rival or a company that could affect their business. Stock exchange rules would also prevent him from doing that. Taking non-Exec director’s roles is also common practice amongst senior directors of public companies. He would either have decided the terms of investment weren’t for him or BB blanked him.
  9. Started to buy it when they were our sponsors. Never had it before, but it was good!
  10. The one thing we should want from the Trust Director is the ability to communicate what the Board is doing and why. There will be stuff which legally she can’t divulge or commercially sensitive material, including discussions regarding an incoming or outgoing player. One gets the impression that Cathy has a bit of a gag order to deal with so that issues and decisions which are of real interest to supporters, Trust members, shareholders, etc are often kept from us. Perhaps she could be a bit more forceful in the boardroom in arguing what is of importance to the rest of us.
  11. I did wonder just as I pressed submit, so yes, apologies Kirk! However, the analogy was more to show how unsuited he would be to developing our young talent given his treatment of Rossi and other anecdotes posters have mentioned.
  12. Bit like saying that Jimmy Saville could help with the kids...
  13. He’d only been there 5 minutes because of the dithering by the board in appointing a successor to Clarke. Yes, he should still have been able to get the result, but individual errors at both ends of the park didn’t help him. He then sorted things out pretty well.
  14. And spends his time trying to win wrestling matches in both boxes to the detriment of winning the ball.
  15. Did someone say that Zander Clark was out of contract?