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  1. Didn’t Canero have injury problems at Leicester?
  2. Doesn’t show his touch in our penalty area...
  3. Agree with all of this. Of course the SFA could have said that anyone who broke COVID rules would be considered ineligible given the umpteen confused announcements they have been making during the current events....
  4. If Steve Clarke was still our manager I would say bring him in, but not so sure with Dyer.
  5. I thought Rory had a good 1st half including the Inside pass to Kabamba. He also did a lot of work covering back and neutralising Frimpong. 2nd half I felt Waters and Haunstrup rather got in each other’s way a couple of times - not unreasonable given Haunstrup is also a left back.
  6. Yes, and you have just below has identified Christie between Derek Frye and the Flea... what was his first name?
  7. Was going to do it as my retirement treat, but canned it as heard many B&Bs etc closed till next year. Have a great trip!
  8. Bachman didn’t go straight into the team. MacDonald played until dropped by Steve Clarke (the week he was selected for the Scotland squad) some time later.
  9. He WILL be selected - he will have looked Alex in the eye and said “make my day”!
  10. Looks to be bursting out it, hopefully with pride...
  11. And then sign him permanently for a few dollars more...
  12. No singing either - not allowed to sing in church!
  13. Just waiting for Zorro’s opinion before I judge...

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