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  1. KillieBus

    SOD starting against Mexico

    O'Donnell and Taylor will get some extra time off - at least a week, I would think.
  2. KillieBus


    Great that wee Greg knew not to be spotted having a beer early on!
  3. Rather than dwell on the negatives - it's great that we managed to get two players recognised in this team (even if it is just some peoples idea of who the best players have been this season)!
  4. KillieBus

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Greer was/is on a one year deal with an option I understood. Maybe some negotiations on-going about the option.
  5. KillieBus

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Maybe just an indication of higher standards being expected by the manager.
  6. KillieBus

    Jack Ross

    This. As fans, we have a slightly romantic view of how we expect the professionals in the game to think and behave.
  7. KillieBus

    Season tickets

    2000, 7000 - I think this is getting a bit extreme. In my view we are talking about a few clubs/schools being invited to each home game. They come ready made with the correct number of adults (or they're not a proper club or school) so there is no issue with that. A high percentage of the kids will not really be interested, but a few might be and that's the aim.
  8. KillieBus

    Season tickets

    If that's the case, then all we can do is keep doing it. I'm sure that if we can provide similar performances/results next season the kids/schools/clubs will start taking an interest again.
  9. KillieBus

    SPFL relegation / play offs

    I can't convince myself that finishing fourth in a league of ten should bring the reward of a level shot at promotion, never mind fifth. If play offs are here to stay, and the Championship clubs were to take a longer term view, 2nd would go straight into the play-off.
  10. KillieBus

    Incomings and outgoings.

    This. Physical presence and a good engine. I also think that Clarke would improve him, so wouldn't be averse to see him coming back. It would then be up to him to prove he could improve the midfield.
  11. KillieBus

    Chris Burke

    This is all that matters. I think he will be offered something though and I'd expect him to take it, even if on reduced terms for him.
  12. KillieBus

    Next Season's Strip

    Is there a difference?
  13. KillieBus

    sellick away, Fred

    Kiltie looked much more like himself tonight - pleased for him.
  14. KillieBus

    Celtic away

    I've heard he is already away.
  15. KillieBus

    Incomings and outgoings.

    He's under contract, so it won't be us.

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