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  1. I know it is your opinion and you are entitled to it, but for me you are way off the mark. Billy Bowie has done way more good than bad during his tenure, shows no sign of stopping his support for the club and I'd hate to think that he thought was the view of most Kilmarnock fans. Without him, I think we would be gone as a topflight club.
  2. We have to stop comparing Dyer to Clarke, but Clarke made all the same types of statements at the beginning of the season - get safe was always the first aim. From there, little targets over short periods of time was one of his methods. And I've seen that people are using the fact that Dyer has access to eight of the players Clarke had available. Fair enough if that is used, but if you turn that on it's head and Dyer doesn't have access to the players that over the piece made all the difference - Bachmann, Stewart, Mulumbu, Jones and this season, SOD.
  3. KillieBus


    Graeme Mathie was in for it as well.
  4. For a paddle? To drown his ankles?
  5. Best point in the whole thread.
  6. Future prediction compensation? Now that would get messy.
  7. There was no compensation for Dyer, he didn't leave Kilmarnock. Never heard of a compensation package where future league placings were taken into account, so I would think that bit isn't correct either. Clarke wouldn't have been on huge money here, I would think around £100K compensation at most.
  8. Too many 'think', 'approx' and 'say' words in the case being made - we just do not know how much money has came in and has been spent. The one figure that seems totally nuts to me is £350K compensation for Clarke. He only had one year on his contract and (even if the full amount was paid by the SFA, there is no way we were paying him £350K a year) I would doubt he is on any more with Scotland.
  9. BMW i3s. Not mine, but do drive it.
  10. The temperature range falling outside of summer (not far of 20% in my experience) is something to be wary about for anyone considering getting one. Especially as most affordable cars are still not giving great ranges to begin with.
  11. Any good young'sh football player who doesn't have an eye on a move away is completely missing the point of being a good young'sh football player. And anyone who thinks that we should not entertain SOD if he decided that he would be better staying here is just nuts.
  12. Simple and concise from the Board on this issue. They get a lot of stick on this forum at times, but they do a lot of things really well.
  13. The only time a player should be retained is when the club deem them good enough to play for the first team in the future. Always been that way.
  14. Kenny didn't exactly set the heather on fire when he took over either (with a team in a way better place than the one Dyer picked up) - 4 points in 8 games but he got more time to prove himself.

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