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  1. KillieBus


    The only time a player should be retained is when the club deem them good enough to play for the first team in the future. Always been that way.
  2. KillieBus


    Kenny didn't exactly set the heather on fire when he took over either (with a team in a way better place than the one Dyer picked up) - 4 points in 8 games but he got more time to prove himself.
  3. KillieBus


    Surely that depends on what the calibre of player on offer was. I don't think you can form an opinion of either Dyer or Fowler over this as the fact are not known.
  4. KillieBus


    The Scotland assistants are not full-time, so this was never an option.
  5. Russia's victory, by a mile. However, I did remember my two Uncles today that served in WW2. To me, that's the way it should be remembered.
  6. "It comes just a week after fellow fan Colin Sturgeon raised £850 by raffling a signed shirt. Wonder if he is related to that other well known Ayr scenario with Colin in the name? Not a bad amount though - maybe the player was still in it...
  7. That is the story in a nutshell! A Government Organisation telling a private supplier who they can and cannot supply equipment to across the UK.
  8. I don't think it is obvious at all that the company have a contract with PHE. What is obvious is that they have been told where they can and cannot sell their goods. The company statement is clear that they have been advised not to sell the goods in question outside of England (they even apologise for it). I also don't think that it is up to the supplier in question to explain why PHE are making these decisions. In my experience of dealings with PHE, they have always played an advisory and guidance role to the NHS Trusts that we deal with rather than as a direct purchaser. It certainly doesn't look like we are all in it together, if this is true.
  9. This relates to Care Homes, not the NHS. Majority of Cares Homes are privately owned businesses, and this is a supplier being told by the Government not to supply Care Homes outside of England. It smells, badly.
  10. Correct. The other poster (who is a Rangers fan) stated that 'Hearts do bring something to the league'. He is correct also, but this season that has been mostly points for other teams.
  11. What about the fans who pay to got the Moffat every home game? Does their money not count?
  12. Given they had just spent millions on a left back a few weeks earlier, there are reasons Celtic would not want to trumpet the cost of buying another one. Given it was undisclosed, you can't expect evidence of it either way.
  13. Are we not talking two different things here? If a player gets injured, he still gets fully paid under the contract he agreed with the club until that contract runs out. If you are talking about the club insuring themselves against having to pay a player who is injured that is a totally different thing. Football players are more like contract worker/self employed people than full time staff.

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