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  1. In my experience, there have been a few that have gone down but important to remember to report any that you see down rather than assume someone else has already reported it. Also got the feeling that some of them can be fixed remotely and are back up running very quickly.
  2. Always been an admirer of O'Donnell and I'm not so sure that his limitations are that obvious, if they were he would have been well found out on the international stage by now. I have no doubt that Paterson will move on and replace him but it really pleases me when he goes onto the park in a Scotland jersey and performs well, as he has been vilified by the press and a large number of Scotland fans.
  3. And he fairly gets battered into "the rangers" and what they stand for, throughout it.
  4. It may be I suppose, but I'm not getting Jimmy Reid at all from that voice.
  5. Who was speaking at the start of the clip? The bit at the end deserves all the contempt in the world.
  6. If that was an old-fashioned trial match where you pick a select 11 from the two teams, putting natural bias aside, how many Scotland players were better than their Danish counterpart? Not many and that is the reason we got outclassed. You can't change anything about that in the short term.
  7. I took someone who bought their ticket on-line at 1:45pm. Seems like another pop at the club to me.
  8. That was a hard read (in a good way) trilogy. California Fire and Life, The Winter of Frankie Machine and The Gentlemen's Hour are all good and lighter reads.
  9. Both sides of this argument can be met as it appears to be polarising into not having a youth set-up at all or having the very best, 'elite' set-up in place. As with most things the club need to find its own way for this and we should probably aim to have something in the middle. The number of players coming through recently cannot in way justify the cost of the elite set up, but every club should have youth teams and we just need to find some way of doing this without the high costs of the elite status. Going back to the turn of the century when players were knocking on the door of the first team and breaking through, the youth teams were mainly run by ex-players for little more than expenses.
  10. Not sure on that, some law in Spain makes taking more than a 50% wage cut illegal, apparently. How that works with contracts that are negotiated every few years, I'm not sure, but this is what is being widely reported.
  11. Why don't we give all our player's some slack and just wait a bit longer to see how things shape up? New level, new team, new expectation - let's try some (new?) patience.
  12. I've said before that I have no regrets over buying a season ticket last year and given the circumstances the club did enough to allow me to watch the games I was entitled to, so I'd rather not get over involved in this debate. However, I'm not for letting anyone try to tell me that I've done well out buying a season last year. It's great that we could get around 4000 season tickets sold this year, but in my view, it was more important that the fans did what they could last year as it wasn't difficult to predict that the club would get no additional revenue due to Covid-19, so the 2700 people who did so last year should not be painted as privileged in any way.
  13. I'm not not sure we are underachievers, Denmark and Uruguay are probably overachievers when it comes to football for nations of our size. Improve and move on is always a good idea, even if you are a superpower in the game.
  14. If that is the case then the loanee club would probably not object. It was very different in Stewart's case.
  15. I'm not into conspiracy thing either but I understood that both Kilmarnock and Stewart had agreed with Birmingham that he was coming back and he was just about on the road here when he was told that he wasn't. Something changed Birmingham's mind (I can only presume cash, no matter how small) and somebody changed it. Would Rangers be involved at that stage for someone they knew was a free agent in six months? I'm not sure. Would Aberdeen pay some cash for someone who had not been good in a previous spell and we can only presume chose not to extend that loan spell? On the surface, no, but shady thoughts could have been going on it would have been in Aberdeen's head as them missing out on third place to us was a very real possibility (and they were correct), so they may have decided to pay a small sum of money to try to weaken us.
  16. I can understand why there is a six month termination clause on loan deals as they could be wrong for so many reasons but it could be worth changing the rules to stop the parent club taking the player from the original loanee club to loan them out to another if the original loanee club still wants to keep the player.
  17. Don't get too excited, just a point of view on how we needed different things from either game. Don't see anything that says we should be beating the Czech Republic (could, I am more than happy to agree with) and I thought the draw was a fair result over the piece at Wembley. All managers are there to be shot at, but it is all if, buts and maybes - know one knows what would have happened if the team was changed at halftime. Getting 70% of the squad playing in the English premiership doesn't show a shocking mentality like I have obviously, but it does show a shocking grasp of Arithmetic. Where is Mathematics when you need him? Qualifying was great, I really enjoyed having a stake in the tournament - so qualifying but not progressing is better than not getting there at all.
  18. I don't think I am anywhere close to claiming otherwise, the point was about why (I think) we tried to play differently against Croatia than we did against England. Not sure where you want to go with the statistics point but I will take the positive view that it is better to have a poor tournament than not get there at all (like the previous two decades).
  19. We only needed a point against England to stay in the tournament, but we needed three against Croatia. Not sure erring towards keeping it tight against the more talented Croatian side would have worked either.
  20. Not a wee story, just an opinion on why we are not loosening up as quickly as most people want.
  21. Healthcare provision being overrun due to Covid-19 has been witnessed across many countries. Our governments fear this as well. I work with NHS organisations, and everyone is working furiously to keep on top of this as things stand at the moment.
  22. It is not Covid-19, in itself, that will overwhelm the NHS. It is people and more specifically, numbers of people. This is why the government is wary of opening up society again. The more it is open, the more cases of Covid-19 there will be, and the more that people (due to the very understandable nature of people) will look to the NHS to look after them. The panic of so many people being ill leads to more people calling for ambulances, turning up at A&E, all demanding evaluation and treatment. This all takes up NHS resource and leads to the NHS not being able to cope as even an unwell, but not severely so, person who turns up at hospital takes up resource. I'm totally sure it is not a political driven thing, it is a fear thing. Healthcare provision is one of the fundamental pillars of our society, if that was to fail catastrophically it is not a stretch of anyone's imagination to see other fundamental pillars fail, e.g. Law and Order. It is easy to see the pictures of Indian hospitals at the peak of their Covid-19 outbreak and think that is because they have a third world healthcare system (it is patchy but it is not third world) but if those numbers caught Covid-19 here you would see similar pictures at our hospitals as it is numbers that count. A temporary stretcher is a temporary stretcher even if it is in front of a Waitrose or Marks & Spencer hospital shopfront.
  23. A very, very important point and one that Scotland fans and media are great at ignoring. Scotland were decent today, the lack of taking good chances was the biggest disappointment.
  24. Was a decent 5 months though. You could do better if you posted less often rather than constantly bombard people with your one track thoughts.