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  1. Sevco must be due to die again asking fans to pay 50 a year to be on the waiting list for season tickets!
  2. Aberdeen chairman saying 14 team league for one season then back to 12 teams!
  3. Some small businesses to open on Friday!dog groomer stays next to my brother just got a letter from the government
  4. Not just Americans that are stupid guy in Tesco just said the arrows on the floor are to make you buy stuff you wouldn’t normally buy!!!
  5. Worked well in Zimbabwe!
  6. Lineker giving 3 months wages to the British Red Cross!wonder if that is from all his jobs or just match of the day
  7. Playing staff to take a 70% wage cut so all other staff receive full wages!
  8. Think there looking at qtr/semis being one off games but like everything uefa does will come down to money
  9. Can see the champions league/europa being one leg straight knock out to try and get it to finished
  10. Nearly beats the woman in dreghorn co-op holding a scarf over her face with both hands and trying to lift stuff with her elbows!
  11. Done with what exactly?boris asked the pubs to close he never made it law so there is nothing legally stopping them opening,morally is a different story
  12. There’s a lot of people still not taking this serious,guy at work coughing and sneezing all over the place work said go home he asked do a get paid.Told only for the shift you get sent home then it’s standard sickpay procedure his reply was a can’t afford to be off so am staying!
  13. Was on the bbc website very interesting,they told a woman she took a taxi at 7.22 and was in it for 8 minutes when she checked the app on her phone they were correct.They put people who have come into contact with a suspected case into 48 isolation until a test is done then if a negative result comes through they still put then into 7 days self isolation
  14. Lot of players contracts finish in may/June could end up a farce with a lot of youth players making up the numbers if your playing into july
  15. Fifa/uefa can make what decisions they want but it will be governments that decide when mass gatherings are allowed

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