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  1. As Christie steps up to shoot power steps to the side if he doesn’t move he heads it clear!
  2. Gerrard backtracking in the paper saying he might have a future!must be as a ball boy
  3. Got to admire Darvel signing all these players when they don’t even have a start date for the league!
  4. the masks don’t bother me but the fact shop staff are the ones getting it for not enforcing the rule is the problem.Should be no mask you don’t get served instead of the shambles it is just know
  5. Head of la Liga having a fair old go at city claiming what is paid in naming rights for the stadium is too much.How can he tell it’s too much and it shows how easy ffp can be manipulated
  6. You think any English teams fans would rather have the world club championship than a league title?
  7. Madrid training complex that was sold was in a green belt area that couldn’t be developed but the council/government changed the rules to suit the situation.
  8. Wigan up 7 nil at home to hull at halftime!!!!!
  9. City win there appeal surprise surprise
  10. My work got took over a few years back by an American company so far we’ve lost double time for a Sunday overtime,the share save scheme and profit share bonus.They asked us to work some shifts during the summer shut down at single time and couldn’t understand when nobody put there name up
  11. A had it in ma head it was South African krugerrand and he thought they were worth 50 quid each!
  12. Sevco must be due to die again asking fans to pay 50 a year to be on the waiting list for season tickets!
  13. Aberdeen chairman saying 14 team league for one season then back to 12 teams!
  14. Some small businesses to open on Friday!dog groomer stays next to my brother just got a letter from the government
  15. Not just Americans that are stupid guy in Tesco just said the arrows on the floor are to make you buy stuff you wouldn’t normally buy!!!

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