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  1. Jasg

    Jack Ross

    Can’t blame Ross for moving as he knows it won’t matter if he’s at st mirren/Sunderland he could be out a job by Xmas!
  2. Jasg

    Would you rather

    A wouldn’t worry about there football style as there manager is out of contract next week and he’s going to be flavour of the month for any jobs that come up.Even going back into the championship with better resources will be more appealing than getting humped every week
  3. Jasg

    Other Kits 2018/19

    Hope there going to make the away shorts the same as the lassie is wearing lol
  4. Jasg

    What if SSC just wants to stay?

    In the sun saying hopefully a few more jobs after this!
  5. Jasg

    post split fixtures

    It would only be a title decider if both teams could win the league!
  6. Jasg

    Steven Caulker

    If it’s a summer league there transfer windows will be different
  7. Last game sevco away as they enter administration part 2
  8. Jasg

    Junior Football

    A lot of the juniors have the hump with the secretary but he has enough cronies around him that he thinks he’s unstoppable!imagine going months without a home game or even any game then having to play 2/3 times a week at the end of the season to catch up!
  9. Jasg

    Junior Football

    Other part of criteria is a fence so the game can’t be viewed from the street!can see this being a long drawn out process as there are a lot of traditionalists against change
  10. Jasg

    Paper Roses

    Paper roses needs a longer trip should win when it goes back up to 2.5 miles
  11. Jasg

    Disco Inferno

    Been a few licensed places in killie burnt down over the years!
  12. Jasg

    Who would you like relegated

    It’s not the amount of games that give the advantage to the top tier team it’s 4/6 games rapid that handicap the team trying to come up
  13. Jasg

    Rangers v Celtic

    It’s the bbc that is boycotting greyscull only one journalist got barred and the beeb said if he’s no allowed back were no sending anyone
  14. Jasg


    Must be something up with your car you should only need to put in adblue a couple of times a year at most!either the sensor in the tank is faulty or there’s a leak in the system would be my guess,my brother drives an Audi and has only added it once in 8 months
  15. Jasg

    Anniversary Johnnie Walker Blue Label

    It was left empty for long periods as the grand plan to make saki was all dependant on crowd funding!they thought just because you can leave your house unlocked on arran you could do it in dreghorn.The site is up for sale but the main building is listed and falling to bits

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