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  1. dumpweed


    Henderson gets my vote
  2. Eastwood is a good first choice goalie. Unfortunately, the injury is quite a bad one.
  3. My opinion may be skewed due to interactions with him but he strikes me as an intelligent guy, with a good footballing philosophy. His knowledge on British football is excellent and he is well drilled on training methods and regimes. Yes he has made mistakes (as many rookie managers do) but I am confident that his tactical knowledge, man management ability and in particular his drive will see us well this season. With Fowler coming in and bringing genuine structure to other areas of the footballing department, I can't stress enough how well the setup compares to last year.
  4. I'm backing Dyer as I believe he deserves a fair crack at the whip and that he is the best man for the job in my opinion. Last season was at best a "transitional" season given the issues with managerial changes and a back office overhaul. Let's look forward and hope for results on the park.
  5. Yes. Yes or no question. Were we in free fall with horrific performances on display?
  6. You'll be telling us Lee Clark left us as a top 6 club next!
  7. I watched Ross County for the first time in a while tonight. Liked the look of Ross Stewart and seen he was a local boy who came from the juniors (ardeer and kilwinning). What's the story with him. Was he at Killie as a youth?
  8. Tish has been excellent so far. Adds genuine quality in the middle.
  9. He was almost signed last year as back up to Branescu. Koprivec became available at a similar time and Alessio went with him as he had an international cap and spoke Italian. Robinson wouldn't have been the worst #2 GK we've had over the years.
  10. dumpweed

    El Makrini

    Makrini was an Alessio signing.
  11. Here's the programme from the tournament which I took some scans of earlier.
  12. dumpweed


    Excellent goalkeeper for reading who was widely praised by Clarke. Unfortunately he made a costly error in a semi final though.
  13. Check yourself. SOD is a great guy. Nice and humble
  14. Aberdeen are not going to give away a Scottish international for free. That's like us giving Brophy a free transfer!

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