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  1. Does anyone know who number 20 is in the video put on twitter earlier? Looks like Alex Gogic from Hamilton.
  2. See tbh, a lot of players we already have will be doing the same. Especially young players. It happens at Every team in Scotland. It’s just reality. Not saying every player, and not saying the players don’t give their all for the club they are at, but it happens everywhere
  3. Possibly, in my opinion he deserves a chance at a higher level, whether that’s at Killie or somewhere else. A lot of the media stuff is recent and I think it would be unfair if he didn’t get a chance with a better team. Im sure with the right team he’ll mature, and maybe getting released From Carlisle will be the best thing for his career. Only time will tell I guess. Just thought it would be a good shout since his contract is up. I know his attitude hasn’t been great recently and some clubs may be put off by that and I completely see why but I still think he’s a good player and would most lik
  4. Would still take him to be honest. Has been able to prove himself at a good level and If we want to finish in the top 6 next season we need that kind of player that can run at defence, create chances and chip in with a few goals. Might not have the best attitude but he’s still young. Would give him a chance.
  5. Harry McKirdy who plays as a left winger/striker for Carlisle United would be a great signing for us! He’s 23, pacey, creative and can score goals, and would probably go straight into the team! Plus he is young enough and has a lot of potential to improve. He scored 11 goals and had 7 assistes in 38 games for Carlisle last season. Just the kind of player we need in my opinion! I heard he is out of contract this summer, don’t know how true it is. He scored a goal against Cardiff City in the FA cup, the match finished 2-2, then even though they lost the replay to Cardiff 4-3, he scored 2 of the

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