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  1. Island Girl

    George Jaconelli

    So pleased for George, started the football memory group before it was fashionable and has positively touched so many lives.
  2. Island Girl

    Who will you choose?

    Has to be big D!
  3. Island Girl

    Last Call

    Had a great day yesterday, hope all the teams did too. Whoever said don't meet your heroes was talking tosh. The Killie legends were in great form.
  4. Island Girl

    Killie Masters Invitational 2018

    Looking forward to meeting all the Killie legends. Is there still time to get a team in?
  5. Island Girl

    New Directors ?

    All politicians: Councillors from all parties, MSP and the sitting MP were invited to join. Do we actually know who attended meetings and what the motivation was in doing so? Is there any point in speculating, let's wait to see who is announced.
  6. Island Girl

    Birthdays and mentions v Ross County

    Hi Gav. Can you wish Andy Millar, secretary of the Killie Trust a happy birthday please?
  7. Island Girl

    Aberdeen Match thread (Fred)

    Congratulations to whoever won the Liam Gallagher tickets donated by TIK. Couldn’t catch his name in the FB.
  8. Island Girl

    Murrayfield - who's in?

    Only one ticket left at shop - pay at the gate at Murrayfield.
  9. Island Girl

    Safe standing

    Article shared by Supporters Direct (https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2017/oct/22/football-safe-standing-home-advantage-studies) suggests that safe standing can improve atmosphere and possibly noisy home crowd could influence referee. Interestingly they cite some research showing that more goals, for both home and away teams, are scored when there are no fans behind the goal. Any stattos know if this is the case at Rugby Park?
  10. Island Girl

    Escrow Account

    somebody spoke about the club being able to access the money if certain criteria was met. Also won't be the first time the Club has questioned an organisation's or an individual's legitimacy to carry out actions. Fans will start to think twice if doubts are cast over the abilities of whoever takes on the escrow account. I can see why some want this to happen but I personally see too many obstacles. Can't we take responsibility for our own actions and just not buy a season ticket? The Club will soon get the message.
  11. Island Girl

    Escrow Account

    Has to be a bit more than that, need a proper paper trail. I know that the trust directors are all busy juggling trust stuff with the other areas of their lives - how many other members / fans will volunteer to run with this? Also this will divert money from the Club (even if only temporarily). They will be all over any scheme looking for loopholes or issues, how long before legal action is threatened? Just look at the EGM request. Any scheme has to be spot on.
  12. Island Girl

    Escrow Account

    The Trust would have to conform to the same regulations outlined above and as a Community Benefit Society would also have to justify any Scheme to the FCA. In terms of the practicalities, the Trust is operated by volunteers. I think it would be a big ask to keep track of who is putting money in and where it should be returned to within certain timescales.
  13. Island Girl

    QTS put pressure on MJ

    Said on Westsound this morning that QTS had been misquoted and that they were happy to remain as sponsors. Can't see a link.
  14. Island Girl

    The Premiership Is Back! (Motherwell Thread)

    Yep, apparently he told the 4th official to F Off when he was asked to move back.
  15. Island Girl

    Killie Trust SGM

    7 for 7.30 according to their web page http://killietrust.killiefc.com/news.php

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