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  1. Aww, thanks Virtuocity. Killie fans are pretty special too. Big thanks to all of you who have already signed up. Your area co-ordinator will be in touch soon.
  2. As Killie fans, I know that you are concerned about your club - and many of you are helping during these tough times by joining the Trust, subscribing to ‘Trust In Killie’ or backing Kilmarnock FC in other ways. Your community also needs your support at this time. Whether you can offer practical or emotional support, there are lots of ways you can help those who need a little bit of help. If you live in Scotland, ‘Ready Scotland’ has a webpage where you can log your offer of help. The link to the page is https://www.readyscotland.org/coronavirus/volunteering. For those living in the Kilmarnock area, East Ayrshire Council would love to hear from you directly. EAC Vibrant Communities are providing vital support to residents throughout the area. We particularly need volunteers to help with tasks such as delivering shopping or food parcels, collecting prescriptions, dog walking or offering support to others by phone. These services are vital not only for those who currently use our services but also those whose circumstances have recently changed - either because they are having to self-isolate or because they have less money coming in. Volunteers are not only needed now but will also be needed in the weeks and months to come. For any volunteering which involves leaving home, this should only be considered by those who are not required to isolate and are not in the ‘at risk’ categories. If you cannot leave home, there are still opportunities to get in touch by phone with others who are feeling isolated and anxious. Kilmarnock FC are rightly proud of the Killie family, so let’s make them even prouder by supporting our local community too. If you live in the Kilmarnock area and can help in any way, please contact me at Elaine.millar@east-ayrshire.gov.uk or DM on here.
  3. And Cathy has said she is going to give one. Perhaps it’s always the same comeback because it’s the truth?
  4. I’m not on the Trust board but I do know that they all put in a power of work behind the scenes. There have been a couple of meetings with Cathy and she said that there will be one soon. The one way to get things to happen quicker, if you think more can be done is join the Trust Board to help spread the load.
  5. Read her tweet again - update for Trust members will be out next week. Not even the most impressive communicator would be expected to cover it in a tweet! I don’t think she is claiming that hers are more significant just that she understands how fans are feeling. Did anyone take the time to talk to her before the match when she was standing outside the front door?
  6. Not sure what else you could expect her to do? She’s organising a written update and there will be a meeting in February along side carrying out her full time job and duties at the Club. To those who say she doesn’t care she points out that she has followed Killie for a long time. Seems she can’t win, either not enough communication or not the right kind!
  7. To my knowledge, individual trust board members have not benefitted from a free season ticket. Don’t know if it still happens but the Trust used to get a free season ticket (like supporters’ clubs did) which was raffled off to raise funds. They also receive free tickets from time to time which are used as trust prizes. Cathy donates her guest places in the board room as TIK prizes or to allow other Trust directors to network with other team’s directors (some of them are also representing Trusts). But I suppose it is more fun to share “allegations” than acknowledge that volunteers are doing the best they can in the spare time they have.
  8. As far as I can see the Trust is a bunch of volunteers giving up their free time and money to support the club. What do you think they are getting out of it Killie wanderer, apart from abuse?
  9. As stated elsewhere NAPM was never a Trust initiative, or indeed policy, it was only ever about personal choice for fans. I would however be interested to hear what drastic change you think would be appropriate. At the time some Trust Directors did support NAPM but not everyone, I think most of them are no longer involved in the running of the Trust. What else, in you opinion, can the Trust possibly do now to support fans to pull together to strengthen our football club?
  10. No she doesn’t, she does it voluntarily on top of her day job. I don’t know where she finds the time. She does a lot more behind the scenes than some seem to appreciate.
  11. Anyone still wanting to collect their season ticket, the fitness centre will be open on Saturday from 10 - 4 and on Sunday from 10 - 1.
  12. Sorry collection only tonight, thought today was Thursday!
  13. Yes, you should be able to get them from the Fitness Centre as well at the times in the OP.
  14. You won't be able to walk in and collect as the shop doesn't have printing facilities. You will be able to use the QR code on your phone to get into the game though.
  15. For those who still want to collect season cards, they will be available at the following times: Tuesday 30th July 12 noon - 5pm from Killie Shop 5pm - 7pm from Fitness Centre Wednesday 31st July 10am - 5pm from Killie Shop 5pm - 7pm from Fitness Centre Thursday 1st August 10am - 12 noon from Killie Shop 12 noon - 7pm from Fitness Centre Friday 2nd August 9am - 5pm from Fitness Centre

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