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  1. Add a GK and AM and we look decent, definitely good enough to challenge for top 6. Transfer window has been okay for us so far (compared to the last couple anyway), hopefully we can at least get a couple of loans in. We’re a Mulumbu/Stewart/Bachmann away from being a good side.
  2. Correct. I never thought he was the best appointment for us but he without doubt deserved more time and full backing in the January transfer window (the less said about the transfer window before that, the better). And absolutely, we should have been looking to build on SC’s work and aiming to cement at least a top 6 place. Instead we now have a manager who said pre-season that we just need to not get relegated. It’s as if the last 2 and a half years didn’t happen.......
  3. I’m not saying he was/is a bad manager at all but imo he just wasn’t the right fit for us. SC took a group of seemingly very average players and turned them into a well-drilled machine with everyone knowing their part to play. He also built a healthy respect from the players. When he left, the board were obviously blinded by AA’s CV, not thinking that a guy who’s trained some of the best players on the planet might have difficulty getting his tactical ideas across to the likes of Kirk f**king Broadfoot! On top of that, he struggled to string a sentence together so must have been even harder to
  4. Based on the fact he could hardly speak English well enough to get his point across and more importantly he was a far meeker character than SC. The same with Dyer - he’s not got the disciplinarian side to him that earned the players respect and actually got us places.
  5. Dyer said in an interview pre-season that his main aim is to not get relegated this season and you can see it with how he’s setting up. It’s not good enough and there’s no chance for top 6 if we play defensively at home against the likes of St Johnstone. Fair enough Brophy’s been carrying a knock but we need him and Kabamba back together. I never thought Dyer should have got the job but he still deserves more time............not much though if he doesn’t start to instil some belief.
  6. Aye, Kabamba is obviously at his best as part of a 2 up front. He’s not a lone striker and harsh to judge him on that alone. No idea why Brophy didn’t start - looked like Dyer was playing for a draw.
  7. Personally don’t think Dyer was the right appointment but he still deserves time. We still need a CB, creative mid and another striker in but we’ve had a reasonable transfer window so far so hopefully we’ll still be active. In saying that, it was a strange line-up yesterday (reasons for some of it but not all as far as I know) and from some of his pre-season interviews it seems like his main goal is to avoid relegation - surely top 6 has to be the aim!?! We’ve got Haunstrup, McGowan (even though Millen played well yesterday), Dicker and Brophy to come back in so I’m hoping with that and 2 or 3
  8. That’s Craig Gordon kb’d Celtic’s offer to keep him. Apparently a few clubs are in for him but only Hearts and StMirren mentioned so far. Surely we can compete with StMirren for wages? Would love to see DB back up here but Gordon’s got a season or two left in him and he’ll be looking to get back in the Scotland squad - not a bad option to be playing for the national team’s assistant manager?