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  1. I'm interested to know at what level do you think Brophy could play at. If he was rattling in 20 goals a season consistently then I'd agree. 10 goals not so much.
  2. Is it Kabamba or Brophy that needs to work on the assists? Brophy also needs to work on goal scoring.
  3. Even SC only managed to get about 10 goals from him so its nothing to do with the manager.
  4. The red card today didn't help but no way changes my previous thought on Brophy. For me he runs around alot but doesn't exactly strike fear in opposing defenders. He isn't a target man by any means. He scores around 10 goals a season (definitely not a decent return for the clubs main striker). There are glimpses of occasional skill from him but one on one with a defender my money will always be on the defender coming out on top. Time for him to be dropped to the bench after he returns from suspension.
  5. I'm intrigued to know when a player within 5 games of the season becomes a liability after having a "good start"? I must admire the support players get at this club.
  6. Millen and Waters were being praised a few weeks back, now according some they aren't good enough all of a sudden. Once again Killie fans believing we're better than we actually are. Reality is, we are a top bottom 6 side with aspirations and dreams of being a solid top 6 side.
  7. I've said many a time, Brophy averages 10 goals a season. That is an extremely poor return for the clubs apparent "No.1 striker" as some fans like to see him as. I would love to see Kabamba be the first striker on the team sheet. I totally agree with Thebigguy68 and how impressive his 2 goals were for two different reasons (pretty sure he mentioned that). Brophy needs to be more consistent in front of goal. Hopefully a partnership can properly blossom between the two. Time will tell but hopefully sooner rather than later.
  8. Regarding the management position.....I would also add Gary Holt to the no list. He hasn't done anything spectacular and doesn't merit the job just because he has a killie tattoo (before folk say he's killie through and through and all that). It would be interesting if the position arose that we required another manager would Poyet be approached and sounded out. Just watched the Aberdeen goal aswell, it certainly appears that the Pittodrie pitch, in particular the bit where Dicker was tracking back, is ankle deep in treacle. That would certainly explain the lack of speed!
  9. Ik Start, the club El Makrini has just joined. They have a Nigerian striker, averages 1 goal every 2 games. 22 years of age, 6'2" height. Contract until 2021. Surely this fits with what Killie need, a target man who is quick. Looks to have the vision for a pass aswell. I'd happily trade Brophy for him.
  10. Another way and more straight to the point view is Brophy averages 10 goals a season. IMO that isnt good enough to make claims that he is our "no.1" striker and irreplaceable. I'd love for Kabamba to get 15-20 goals this season (then improving next) and for him to turn into the player Killie need. His composure for his 2nd goal v Dundee Utd for me showed he has what it takes to get there.
  11. To think Brophy could command a seven figure fee is baffling. He isnt prolific and isnt a "target man". Brophy will probably move on at the end of the season and then hopefully Killie might be able to get the goal scoring striker that they have been needing since Boyd left.
  12. No doubt folk won't like to hear this but Brophy averages 10 goals a season. What club would sign a striker who is hardly prolific. I've said before if he was more composed in front of goal he could be the 15-20 goal a season striker the club desperately needs and then we could maybe ask for the £1mil that folk right now think he's worth. Let's be more realistic for a change.
  13. Haha brilliant. I was called a "so called killie fan" when I was being realistic about the club and team. I didn't get offended or thought it was laughable. AD record is poor and I have already stated that for me its 26th September his time may end at the club if the results don't drastically improve. Fact. I'm hoping I'm wrong but do you still believe after the one lucky season we finished 3rd, that that is where killie belong in the league? Please don't be delusional. You mentioned BB lacks vision for the club.....HE SAVED THE CLUB! I will again say, to the so called Killie fan
  14. Cannot wait for the inevitable comments from so called Killie fans when (if) Mulumbu signs stating that he isn't what we need, AD and JF are useless usually followed by slating of Billy Bowie. I'll just throw this out now, if Mulumbu does sign (within the allowed budget) then surely the doubters of BB might start seeing what a benefit he is for the club as if it wasn't for him then YM would be nowhere near the club.