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  1. I think that’s all we could realistically hope for under the circumstances.
  2. I’m hoping that the fact Findlay played yesterday is a positive but wouldn’t be surprised if he was getting lined up by Aberdeen or someone else. Wonder what a realistic figure would be with just a year of his contract left?
  3. I’m hoping that the fact Findlay played yesterday tgT will be a posi
  4. Think you must have missed the bit that the point is to raise money for the Killie Trust, not just to own the programme. Well done to the generosity of those who have bid and the money will be put to good use that’s for sure.
  5. Didn’t see the game live but just caught highlights. Thought overall based on what was shown we played some nice stuff and never really looked to be a man down. Kiltie took his goal really well. Good delivery for equaliser but should have been a Killie head to it first. Brophy sending off could easily have just been a yellow especially when you saw what Walsh either ignored or just gave a caution for when committed by a Hamilton player. Was still a stupid foot up though, unnecessary and asking for trouble. Kabamba - I like him and think he will score a few for us this season. Comedy
  6. He left his foot in. Stupidity and another example of lack of discipline whether it’s defending or personal decision making. Grim!
  7. We simply can’t keep clean sheets .....
  8. Lots of positives, played well but no end product. United game apart, sadly the story of our season thus far. Game crying out for a player capable of threading a killer ball. Until that is the case we won’t get the reward for all our possession.
  9. Slow start but worked ourselves back into the game without really threatening an equaliser.
  10. Chasing shadows. Going to be a long afternoon unless we can get hold of the ball.
  11. As a non season ticket holder, not based locally and who has worked on a Saturday for many years but from now on less so, I will be interested to see when and how folk in a similar situation will be catered for in the coming months. Presumably and correctly the number of ST holders allowed in will be increased then a limited number of “walk up’s” thereafter. The non use of the Main Stands is interesting. Can fully understand keeping some of it eg central third or quarter where dugouts are, players etc sit but outer sections will surely be the next areas to be freed up for fans and a
  12. We would have played two up front apart from the OF games had Brophy been fit. The Aberdeen game will be vital and show whether it was a false dawn. Well done and let’s enjoy
  13. Pinch me someone.....what is going on here