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  1. Well done Killie. Well worthy of a point. Special mention to Ross Millen who is taking the chance given to him. And to nicke kabamba you are looking like the steal of the season
  2. Well played kabamba. And millen looks just as good.
  3. Jamie mcdonald would have been better
  4. The keeper have cost us again. Maybe lyle will get his chance.
  5. Does anyone know on here if all the shirts have been taken yet?. The club site doesn't really say much about it. Thanks
  6. Every season it's the old filth on sky, sorry every week. I get that. But in these times, fans of other club should get an equal chance to see their clubs games. Not just when they play the filth.
  7. If we could get him and he gets the same lease of life that burke got then yes from me.
  8. Brill news one of our best.
  9. John you are Killie daft everyone on here knows that. And we all loved your suit jacket with the killie shirt as the lining. Dont listen to mindless idiots on social media, (face less heros). Its brill that you have sponsored Killie, a local company and its boss is a Killie fan what more could the club want. Long overdue. I hope you see success and the club goes from strength to strength. Take care.
  10. My whole point is the broadcasters cannot and should not just pick the old filth games. To give them the monopoly when the games are being played closed doors is not fair, every other fan has the equal right to see their own teams games. Would they play all games at the same time and use the red button to view what game you want to see.
  11. If this has been asked before then I apologise. When the season starts August 1st, and games are behind closed doors, are all the games being made available?. Sky and the BBC etc cannot just cherry pick the games they want and we all know what that will be. Not seen the answer anywhere else.
  12. One huge league of all 42 league clubs. Play each other once, if you play say Elgin at home this season then you play them away next season. Easy and it suits everyone.
  13. If it's not self preservation then yes let's go for a 14 team league Anne. Hearts still go down and Dundee come up to make the 14th team. As stated before do you really think if Hearts didnt finish bottom she would be looking for this. They were last for a reason, they must go down.
  14. There is opportunity if you play it smart. Nisbet to us and maybe a deal with a couple of youngsters going the other way when their league starts. There will be loads of players to choose from, the trick is picking the best. We will see.

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