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  1. David Marshall is at Wigan and likely to be released? Bring him back up the road?
  2. Craig Brewster was another I hated. He seemed to score against us quite a bit
  3. That’s where the conversation started.
  4. Got into a conversation with a Rangers fan at work who thought every team got an even split of home and away games every season. Eg If we were at Tynecastle twice before the split we would get them at home after the split. I know that’s nonsense but can’t find any stats on it. i remember us getting shafted a few times regarding fixtures. An uneven split and possibly given 3 games at Ibrox in a recent season? Some of the guys on here will be able to find this kind of stuff. Cheers
  5. Exactly pal. 2nd half we were excellent.
  6. Plenty of Killie voices in the crowd
  7. I’ve got the AT Mays home case too. Decent
  8. Darren Moore was interviewed
  9. Did you stick your card details in? Just wondering before I do lol
  10. Hopefully or might cancel my plans
  11. Chester booked for 3 of us. Townhouse hotel I think it was
  12. Not a position we’re looking for but Paul Caddis is looking to get back up the road. Just relegated with Bradford
  13. That fella is possibly still standing there
  14. Some of the Johnny Cash 1s are cool
  15. What actually with that disaster of a performance? He was actually nit picking pushing free kicks back 2 yards and all sorts of none sene. does he sit down with his employer and explain himself or just wait for the phone call to get the Hamilton game or whatever on Saturday?
  16. I actually thought the same thing when McKenzie walked. Other stadiums might have seen an angry backlash. Maybe by that point most of us had laughed it off
  17. I was similar when we went on my stag wae Rangers boys. It was the Scottish cup final weekend when Hibs turned them over. Ibrox Bar was packed. Brilliant when Hibs won it lol
  18. Don’t know if anywhere apart from the Ibrox bar would show it. Brutal watching it in there though
  19. Sare yin. We were the better team. Boyd offers nothing now. Offside constantly. Ndjoli played well. So did Jones
  20. We’re different class just now. Find myself looking at Hamilton and Dunde and realise there teams we should be rolling over now. Wasn’t the case for the last few years. Loving the look of the table considering the tough run we started with

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