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  1. I could listen to Alex Scott all day.
  2. Feckin brilliant just about pished myself reading this.
  3. We should all buy one when available, whether required or not, and wear them the next time we're at A*r.
  4. Certainly a player in there, i definitely think he could do a job for us in the future. Woukd take him back if possible.
  5. They only want to boycott coming to Rugby Park because we always pump them!!!!
  6. I seriously can't believe Budge is chairing the reconstruction committee, if that's not a conflict of interest then what is? The whole thing stinks.
  7. I miss walking up the stairs and the feeling of seeing the players warming up on the pitch and hearing Gavin doing the pre match build up. Simple things.
  8. Thought he came across really well, nice guy, but Bedrock SOD c'mon! Although Gavins pronunciation of Southwark needs addressed.
  9. I thought he did well today, a few good overlapping runs and defensively solid. Probably subbed due to match fitness but did well.
  10. Got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach today, can't believe what actually happened last night. Going to try and watch the highlights now, wish me luck.
  11. By far the worst refereeing performance I've seen in a very long time and that's saying something. He stands and watches aberdeen players kick and throw the ball away after free kicks and he does nothing, he watches persistent fouling and does nothing. Totally incompetent! !!!!!
  12. Ktid1869


    Preston apparently interested in Brophy, would be nice to get an extension signed soon.
  13. Power for me, he was everywhere today and made some timely interceptions.
  14. Great effort today from everyone they all gave 100%. Just didn't get the breaks when required. Onwards and upwards c'mon killie give us a win on Wednesday.