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  1. Careless Wispa George Michael
  2. Shaunie


    nobody was fighting, a verbal disagreement, aye
  3. Shaunie


    When did it become outlawed to take a flag to a fitba match? Got oors taken off us at the turnstiles at Scummerset ....no reason given, just that "its the rules"
  4. Here's my list The Smiths Mumford & Sons Bruce Springsteen David Bowie The Beatles
  5. Shaunie

    Slimming World

    Lost 5 stone in total, and keeping it off
  6. Cringy but strangely I couldn't stop watching good effort
  7. So, with 2016 providing a late flurry of grim reaper activity, who's your choice to depart prior to Hogmanay? im going with Bruce Forsyth
  8. Time to cast your votes, I'm going for Donald J Trump
  9. Was there a fellow KB'er who rents out villas in Florida?
  10. Baobab http://www.amusingplanet.com/2010/12/baobab-upside-down-tree.html
  11. Final season starts 20th May
  12. 4 My Way Sinatra & Sid Vicious

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