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  1. Been pretty anonymous in his loan spells with Dundee and Ayr. No from me. Allegedly had the chance to come to Killie as part of the Greg Taylor deal and knocked us back.
  2. Theses headlines sum it up really. It's all about Hearts. What an embarrassment.
  3. She didn't get punted. She resigned. Sturgeon should have punted her though, like she would have done if it was he and not a she.
  4. Their current home top is a cracker with the gold trim. The Bob Marley away was a belter too.
  5. Unfair to single out the St Mirren game. Every Killie player was gash that day. None more so than our captain who played alongside Wilson.
  6. Head Over Heels In Love. With Drew https://youtu.be/3MnMskejuvc
  7. He was the only fit striker we had! Cameron and Sow were both injured for weeks. The only other option was Simeon Jackson.
  8. Agree. Don't know the stats but I don't remember him being beat in the air.
  9. You can't play a guy that's injured though.
  10. Your spell check is f**ked. It was Kevin not Michelle.
  11. So we've never won a game Broadfoot has started in since returning?
  12. We'd probably end up with him and his dad as manager knowing our luck...
  13. Aye. Unfortunately. My post was based on info from Transfermarkt which is wrong. Noticed in the Watford Observer that he's signed an extension.
  14. Notice big Dan Bachmann is out of contract in June. Probably out of our range wage wise though.

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