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  1. Juniors? Hes not even amateur level. Absolutely honking
  2. Played well second half until we went in front. Some good stuff but I think Dyers game management is suspect. Use your subs man! Power MOM Killie TV? Gav Wallace is ok but the guy Cochrane is f**kin awful.
  3. Nope but telling me its live on Friday? Wtf?
  4. Is it just coincidence that an allegedly skint Aberdeen manage to get some games cancelled whilst their main goal threat and his back up are both injured?
  5. With 30 minutes still to go? Between him taking an eternity at goal kicks , Hearts players doing the same at throw ins, corners and free kicks and Naisy disputing every decision be lucky if there was about 25 minutes game time out of 45 in the second half
  6. My lasting memory of him is his blatant time wasting against us in a Friday night game in Jan/Feb 19. We got beat 2-1 and watching Hearts that night was like watching Hamilton at their worst. Totally s**thoused their way to victory.
  7. Is the game definitely on Killie TV for international subscribers?
  8. Did it last night from my Samsung mobile to LG tv . Just married up screen share app from TV together with Smart View from mobile to watch |Sundays highlights
  9. When you see this melt that Celtic paid £3m for, its all the more galling that we accepted a lot less than that for Greg Taylor from them
  10. Was training with Birmingham prior to the shutdown
  11. stewarty66


    Aye . Couldn't grow a beard and hated craft beers
  12. Watched yesterday's game on my Firestick using Firefox as a browser. Worked fine.

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