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  1. Just remembered he also played for Sunderland under Jack Ross and James Fowler
  2. Dylan McGeouch not getting much game time at Aberdeen.
  3. He's a talisman and is showing everything you want in a captain. Guts, desire and leads by example. If only some of his team mates did similar.
  4. And that's the thing. Last season it was "the players don't listen " This season it would appear to be the same. Now there is a common denominator and it isn't the players. So if TW wants a passing game which TBF we look good at it in the odd flashes we've witnessed, then he needs to get his point across better.
  5. Hearts are the 3rd biggest club in Scotland, Dundee Utd would have the biggest budget in the Championship. Remember they bought Shankland. My Utd supporting work colleague said when Neilson left Utd to go to Hearts a loto their fans weren't fussed as they were awful to watch. You obviously haven't been in Edinburgh within the last year and saw the Budge and Neilson out graffiti. So my point is while everyone wants us to win games playing football, history would suggest we are following a similar path to the clubs I mentioned, albeit we aren't as big or financially as well off as they were.
  6. It was shocking to watch but Dundee United got promoted under Neilson and most of their fans said they were atrocious to watch. Hearts, same last season under him. Promotion is the goal, but by Christ that was eye bleeding stuff last night. While its a clean sheet and a point gained against a form team , a wee bit of football and creativity wouldn't go amiss. McGinn must start next week, does the simple things a midfielder should. Like passing to team mates and keeping possession.
  7. What happened to the Fraser Murray that used to pick the ball up out wide, cut inside and unleash great shots at goal?
  8. The fans should get this for going to Arbroath on a Friday night to suffer that dugs**te.
  9. Our strikers got hardly any service. Midfield need to be better they offered nothing till McGinn came on. I don't get the Alston love in at all.
  10. He's been honking for a few games. The goal v Morton Rory scored wasn't really an assist it was an attempt at goal going wide. His cross for the first goal at Firhill last week was another slice of luck. Earlier in the season he looked good but he's gone backwards for me
  11. Fraser Murray needs to toughen up. Absolutely soft as s**t.
  12. McGinn has made a difference already
  13. Brad Lyons has ran with the ball towards his own goal more than the oppositions