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  1. What happened to the Fraser Murray that used to pick the ball up out wide, cut inside and unleash great shots at goal?
  2. The fans should get this for going to Arbroath on a Friday night to suffer that dugs**te.
  3. Our strikers got hardly any service. Midfield need to be better they offered nothing till McGinn came on. I don't get the Alston love in at all.
  4. He's been honking for a few games. The goal v Morton Rory scored wasn't really an assist it was an attempt at goal going wide. His cross for the first goal at Firhill last week was another slice of luck. Earlier in the season he looked good but he's gone backwards for me
  5. Fraser Murray needs to toughen up. Absolutely soft as s**t.
  6. McGinn has made a difference already
  7. Brad Lyons has ran with the ball towards his own goal more than the oppositions
  8. Even Hemmings looking suspect at corners
  9. Devoid of ideas. Utterly painful to watch
  10. Every loose ball in midfield seems to be picked up by Arbroath Oh and the ref is s**te
  11. Frustrating but we as a team seem to do this. Even last season players opt to head it when they have ample time to bring it down.
  12. Got Hemming out of jail there with his header on the line
  13. Same part timers that double cup winners and top league St Johnstone struggled past? Aye right ye are
  14. McKenna was a stand out at Musselburgh in the juniors 5 or 6 years ago when I saw him. He's been round the houses a bit but is probably playing the best stuff of his career this season at Arbroath
  15. Not surprised. Probably the worst refereeing performance I can remember in recent times at RP. Shinnies part in the cards being dished out didn't help either.
  16. Power ended up with yellow cards sometimes just because of his reputation. His red at Celtic Park for his challenge on Frimpong was a joke.
  17. I know that, but putting yourself and your team under pressure for daft bookings isn't wise. If he took a booking for stopping an opponent breaking through on goal that's fair enough. But punching the ball out of an opponents hand when they are taking a throw in down by their own corner flag is plain stupid.
  18. I don't dislike him either. In fact he receives a lot of unwarranted abuse . He was and still is a convenient whipping boy and he's on his own now as Ross Millen is away. However that doesn't excuse the fact that sometimes he actually will play poorly or get a daft booking. TW obviously rates him as he tried to sign him for St Johnstone.
  19. That's not the point . A stupid booking for stopping the opponents taking a throw in then one mistimed challenge later its a second yellow and we could be down to 10 men. Referees don't need any encouragement. Rory is an intelligent guy and an experienced pro footballer but he does some daft things to get booked especially last season.
  20. He was lucky not to get booked for simulation on Saturday. He does pick up silly bookings. The general consensus is he was poor in the first half and great in the second which is pretty much how I saw it. People were probably on his back for 1) it's Rory and 2) Goal aside he had a shocker the week before against Morton
  21. Stuart Findlay would be an asset alongside Euan Murray but I understand why we cashed in. Is Fraser Murray any better than Pinnock? For me the jury is out so far.