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  1. Really professional podcast, looking forward to the next one! Podcasts for the promotion seasons would be great too, would be brilliant to hear from a player what effect Tommy Burns had on the team when he joined us.
  2. Disgrace that he was on the show as was pointed out by Tom English. Really disappointing and condescending article about our title win!
  3. We won 2 nil. Marco Gabidini was their star player and they had just been promoted to the top league.
  4. Andy, good to see your concern for fellow fans, others could learn from this!
  5. Killieboyd


    Performance was very good, Hibs got lucky!
  6. Killieboyd


    You beat me to it!
  7. Killieboyd


    Callum Campbell scored a hat trick against us in that game, we signed him later on.
  8. Tears here, nights like this make me love being a Killie fan!
  9. Get in, now might be a hammering!
  10. Shearer at RP, nobody has mentioned him

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