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  1. Killieboyd

    Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Dam it Hibs equaliser
  2. Killieboyd

    Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Ya beauty!!!
  3. Killieboyd

    Killie's Commonwealth Games Success

    I do believe that is Geordie Stirling?
  4. Killieboyd

    Today's Attendance

    West Stand looked fairly busy from my seat.
  5. Killieboyd

    Birthdays v Hamilton

    Many thanks Gav for Emma' shoutout yesterday, meant a lot to her!
  6. Killieboyd

    Hamilton Home game

    Just reached Berwick, weather is terrible, however it doesn't dampen my enthusiasm for the game today. Come on Killie!
  7. Killieboyd

    Birthdays v Hamilton

    Emma Boyd aged 10 please. Up from Stokesley, North Yorkshire
  8. Killieboyd

    Hamilton Home game

    Going up for the match, conveniently organised a family trip up to Scotland for Easter which coincides with the game.
  9. Killieboyd

    gers away, Fred

  10. Killieboyd

    Tickets for Tuesday

    Im off, 4 hours to get up from York and in to the Moffat!
  11. Killieboyd

    Tickets for Tuesday

    Was meant to be heading to Melbourne again with work, project has been delayed, so now not going for a few weeks. Going to leave the office in York at 3, so hopefully will make kick off.
  12. Killieboyd

    Willie Miller - Intellect of the year !!!!!

    It was indeed!
  13. Killieboyd

    Willie Miller - Intellect of the year !!!!!

    Met Chick Young over in Olomouc the night before the game. In reality a very decent bloke who had plenty of time to talk to all of us. He does get what it is like to support a non old firm team.
  14. Killieboyd

    Newcastle based fans

    Cracking game, would have been good watching it with other killie fans
  15. Killieboyd

    FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    It was Hartlepool and they ended up losing out of it. My father in law was a board member

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