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  1. I have chucked a few quid in, it goes straight to the club, so I see no real issue with this continuing for a few weeks!
  2. I have meant to do it for quite a time, but never got round to which is not a great excuse as money isn't the issue. 2 minutes to join so really easy. Will also sort out a monthly subscription too.
  3. I have just taken the subscription, should I get an email, haven't had one yet?
  4. Kiltie has had a good game so far
  5. Time to up the tempo now against 10 men
  6. Dreadful defending there at the corner
  7. He was a Kilmarnock fan growing up, used to run rings round him as a child, unfortunately so did most professionals!
  8. Incredibly lucky goal, keeper had it covered. Their run against us continues. Dyer going to struggle to stay in a job if we lose this.