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  1. Sorry when budge was part of the SPFL board not once did she ask for reconstruction, a unanimous vote to end the season her club being one was carried. Then she starts proposing reconstruction saying she was going to consult with the member clubs, and made a total arse of that as Donald Findlay eluded. Three times each proposal was voted down, to say that clubs were acting out of self interest is correct, why should a club like ours risk putting our selves at more risk of relegation and less money all to save Hearts, who did not like the result of the votes. Now we have them wanting a crazy sum of 8 million pounds for finishing bottom of the league, in which the winner Celtic receives 3.5million. Not only that they are quite happy in crowning Celtic Champions but want to deny three other clubs promotion. Ann Budge has dug her own hole, now she wants every other club to pay for it.
  2. TICK-TOCK !! Kick oot time draws nearer !
  3. Hearts and Partick Thistle are claiming £10m from the SPFL should the courts rule not to overturn their relegations. The pair lodged a petition with the Court of Session on Wednesday, with Hearts claiming £8m and Thistle £2m. In a joint statement, they say they "have no wish to disrupt" Scottish football, but "reserve the right" to try to delay the Premiership season. The pair had their demotions confirmed on Monday when clubs failed to support league reconstruction. It followed a vote to curtail the term, with Hearts bottom of the Premiership and Thistle last in the Championship. The pair said the action does not aim to "unravel the fee payments" to clubs or challenge the declaration of champions. Their statement says their objective is "to reduce the unfair resolution insofar as it changed the SPFL's rules on promotion and relegation", and if that fails then they will seek £10m between them in compensation as an alternative remedy. "As matters stand, we have not asked the Court to grant an interim interdict which would prevent next [Premiership] season commencing on 1 August," the statement said. "However, we have to reserve our right to do so in the event that becomes necessary. "We would emphasise instead that we have no wish to disrupt Scottish football but rather our aim is to have the proceedings litigated to a conclusion as quickly as possible." The SPFL now has seven days to respond to the petition, and a spokesman for the league said its solicitors are "studying this carefully". Thistle previously said they could not afford the six-figure legal costs but an offer to fund court action led to them joining Hearts in challenging the SPFL's resolution to end the season. The SPFL's reconstruction proposal - which would have reversed the demotions of Thistle, Hearts and Stranraer - failed after only 16 of the 42 clubs backed it. All four senior divisions were curtailed because of coronavirus. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53080219 10 million
  4. If the SPFL have got any balls they should be removed as they have broken the rules of the said body
  5. KICK THEM OUT !! the rest of us cannot sit idly by and let this MOB hold a gun to our heads. All because they did not like the results of these votes ! In fact replace them with the highland and lowland league teams .
  6. God knows ! One thing I agree with is that change to needed at the top, the sorry chapter started with the Dundee vote, and went rapidly downhill. Either way Doncaster has overseen the Mess !
  7. Only problem with that is that the, clubs including the Diet H**S, Thistle and Stranraer voted to end the season. But my thoughts on this embarrassment is this, so Thistle all sudden get funding from where ?. One being the late Tom Weirs family, old Budge herself or who else has a score to settle mmmmmm aye the full blown H**S. They have already been slapped down. If Doncaster lost this he would be gone, so by backing thistle anonymously they have lots to gain and remain in the background. I reckon they will lose, but in taking this to court could have implications on the start of the league, and remember the player's are now back, so cannot be furloughed again. Its a total F**king mess !!!
  8. Was not my first choice, but a real nice guy ! 100% behind him, was undecided about season ticket due to job. F**K IT !! going for one today time to step up.
  9. aye and it was turned down
  10. Andy got shafted by the club really !! that's his version of it.
  11. Every time he played us after that, Well !! you can imagine what he got. Long time ago but that video brought it all back, hated the guy back then and no great lover of him now.
  12. The under sixteen is to much of a hike I reckon, there is too much uncertainty over people jobs and we are in a different place in any time I can remember. Motherwell for me has pricing spot on and having been selling well, also been on sale a lot longer. I think the kids pricing will come back and bite us.
  13. Good shout always liked him, and was always a player who seemed to do well against us.
  14. Lot of folk face uncertain future jobs wise, lots of folk love our club, but keeping a roof above your head will always come first.
  15. Worked with two Patrick fans, and some time ago told me he was a weak link in the team as well as a few others. I also what I have seen tells me there is better out there.
  16. Think lockdown has really affected this Andy guy ! NHS is still open go and get some HELP !!!
  17. Job future uncertain ! however keeping my club going means a lot. Money is spent no refund from me, better no let the wife no about this.
  18. Its a bribe pure and simple !! as for Dungcaster the quicker he goes the better he brings a big fat ZERO ! to the table . How much longer will this go on, the vote was made and those Jambo c**ts are down !!
  19. As well as the old filth, and Aberdeen they are now up there as one of my hated teams. They really think they are above the rest of us, except they are s***e !
  20. Budge has put her own club in this position, her failure to is rid of a clown of a manager sooner, now to try and save her skin and her own bad decisions she comes up with this AGAIN !! Some of these Jambo fans on the Terrace think they some sort of entitlement. Permanent reconstruction and Hearts going down or forget it !
  21. Wonder if we will be on the front foot this time signing wise, instead of last minute dross .

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