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    Just checked SAF first managerial job stats. Interestingly 17 games v 15 win ratios at 52.6%, comparison seems to be in Fergie's favour. Comment from a senior pro was I'm sure it was East Stirlingshire's best ever record
  2. It's quite simple, don't allow them to ! Easier said than done though you'd need everybody sticking together to get it through. In an ideal world you reconstruct Scottish football and organise things to create a bit more competition throughout. Clubs could then dictate more equality if teams especially Celtic and Rangers (they can't be the OF as one of them is only a few years old) don't like it then go without them, sure it would hurt a bit especially to start with if it happened. They would then realise nobody wants them and their baggage and might have to be more accommodating. Remember the claims of Armageddon if Sevco were relegated, didn't happen did it? Unfortunately too many would put self interest first along with Celtic / Rangers money and cave in.
  3. Just a thought, if we went to summer football, then we might ( repeat might) if the SPFL had any skill ( doubtful I know) a really good TV deal since they would be able to schedule games for a time when there is no other football. It is a long shot that we have the wit in the positions of power to do such a thing, but Barry Hearn gave us a few decent pointers a few years back. The one that sticks in my mind is Scottish football is more than just the two arse cheeks. Negotiating from a completely new position with brand new ideas of all types considered could rejuvenate the football in Scotland. A proper top league of 16 or even 18 playing home and away. It might help make for more competition for the league, The Glasgow two have generally always been better teams, that's just a fact, but going to Glasgow 4x for any team means they are inevitably giving a head start. It might give even youngsters a better chance to develop. Perhaps regional to save money for two lower leagues, flexible enough to keep balanced and would save teams travel costs and maybe increase gates as less fan travel. Football needs to change maybe this is a chance but could we take it ?
  4. As I remember it was early on and about halfway line, was raging at the time and pleased he was sacked as I recall. Flexney didn't sign till the following season I think. We had so many ins and outs at the time I'm struggling to think who was at centre half. Paul Martin was already away so probably Fraser Davison at a guess, not sure though after the debacle at Scumerset at New Year when he got run ragged by the wee sh*te who's boys at Hamilton now, I don't think he played much. Steven Marshall was there then I think but I'll need to consult the books I think.
  5. I haven't seen any of the game, but my first reaction was not of surprise at Power being sent off. After the "outrage" over the tackle at Rugby Park on Frimpong, which was hard but fair. Next game against them Power sent off for a tackle on Frimpong, was anybody really surprised? I might be completely mistaken but ………
  6. I wasn't at the game due to work, so hard to comment BUT I will ! Watched the highlights and think Niko gives up, familiar? Findlay's challenge brings down Ferguson and I'd have wanted it all day long however I watched the challenge from Bravo on Dennis in Man Utd versus Brugge and like ours last night the contact comes after the ball has been played by Ferguson. Tonight the Brugge player is injured by a reckless flailing challenge by the keeper of Man Utd. that requires treatment, but no penalty, no booking and no disagrrement from the Brugge players. Last night a penalty and a booking, the only difference is the quality / experience / judgement of the referee. Obviously like all Killie fans I'm desperately disappointed but it's back to consistency of refereeing. From all accounts as usual we got not much, see push for the second goal, from the referee but no comment. McInnes was moaning last weekend to prep for this situation. Just saying we might be too nice.
  7. Hope my wife doesn't see this she'll want yo know how much it's worth and then it'll mysteriously disappear !
  8. I'm sure this was about 1983 before we had the shirt sponsored
  9. I've got two tickets which I got in the first ballot, unfortunately I can no longer make it due to unforeseen circumstances. Anybody interested?
  10. What an utterly pointless question ! Firstly he isn't. Secondly if he had stayed we wouldn't have the problem as we wouldn't be in Europe, in fact probably in lower divisions. Why can't you be positive, MJ did some ok stuff but some really bad divisive stuff too. His time has come and gone like many before and no doubt many after but the real fans remain whatever. KTID
  11. Section 20(1) to 20(8) Criminal Law (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 1995 Entry to designated sporting events Enter into a sports ground, in possession of any controlled substance (Alcohol, Flare, firework, smoke bomb etc....) It needs to be organised and controlled otherwise it's a risk and we look like the Green Brigade arse**les "We are Sellick"" "We do what we want etc"
  12. Magennis through on goal, at about 1:21, I thought was penalty and red card at the time still convinced it is, surprise, surprise ref bottled it but managed to get the early cup penalty in for them.
  13. In 16 years of football he averaged less than 12 games a season, that doesn't include sub appearances or games he was subbed off in. Playing career somewhere less than 5 full seasons. So for approx. 11 years he was paid for doing nothing ………..
  14. Addison, Tesselaar, Faubert, Nicholson, Jackson Irvine, Michael Gardyne, Forrester, Kieran Agard, Craig Slater, Josh Magennis, Danny Buijs, Patrick Ada, Paul Cairney, Kevin McHattie, Samidazeh, Karleigh Osborne. We had quite a few and a lot of not very good ones
  15. So nobody thinks there will be folk not sitting where their tickets for the testimonial say and going to there "own" usual seats and no complaining or whingeing and hassle on the day ? Really ? I think that it is naïve to believe that and I can see no reason for doing it at all as it didn't need to be done but the maybe I'm wrong and everybody will be sweeteness and light about it ….

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